September 16, 2018
Baptism Message 2018


The word Baptize There are two basic forms of the word baptize in the NT
• One, which is used less frequently means “to dip” or “to dye” We see both of those images in baptism.
The Other form which is used far more frequently refers to the Jewish cleansing practices.
o If someone had committed a certain sin part of the OT prescription was to cleans oneself often times that meant washing with water. See Leviticus 15 for a good example of washing with water.
Matt 28:19 This passage is referred to as the Great Commission and are Jesus’ last words to His disciples.
• The Greek form of this the verb “to baptize” gives it very much of an ongoing sense.
What’s in a name? Jesus also says that we are to baptize them into the names of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This represents our adoption as sons and daughters of Jesus. A real act of love
John’s Baptism Matt 3:13 John’s baptism was different than what we do today, what Jesus commanded us to do.
o John’s baptism was one of a preparatory work and one of repentance.
Super natural element: It also says that heaven opened and the Spirit of God descended onto Jesus.
Interesting: Both the word “descending” the and the word “resting” have an ongoing sense to them, so I don’t think this was limited to just this moment.
Jesus’ Baptism Matt 3:11 John says that Jesus will baptize us with the Holy Spirit and with fire.
o Jesus’ baptism is with more than just water, it is also super natural.
• Blessings for those who receive it and judgment for those who reject it.
Christian Baptism and the church
Romans 6:3 When we go under the water in baptism we are dying just like Christ did.
• Now it’s not the act of Baptism itself that does this. Christ’s work on the cross does this when we accept and trust in that. Jesus and Jesus alone takes away our sin.
• When we come out we agree that we are a new creation in Christ just like Christ was resurrected.
o Gal 3:27 confirms this idea but with different imagery.
• This is also a public statement done as a witness to the church concerning your desire to follow after Jesus.
We are baptized into the church 1 Cor 12:12
• We are baptized into one body meaning the church. The context of this passage is the church.
o In baptism we are adopted as sons and daughters of God.
o But are also adopted into the family of God, into the church.
The Role of the Holy Spirit
Acts 8:14 These folks had been baptized into the name of Jesus, this wasn’t just John’s baptism.
• Even though they had been baptized into the name of Jesus they had not received the Holy Spirit.
• The apostles considered a baptism without receiving the Holy Spirit to be insufficient.
Acts 19:1 Again, the apostles considered a baptism without the Holy Spirit to be insufficient.
• So, I think we should too, when we baptize there should be an expectation that the Spirit will also come.