April 30, 2017
Being People of His Presence

Being People of His Presence
Exodus 33:11 Moses already has an incredible relationship with God.
• But for Moses even this wasn’t enough, he knew that he wanted and needed more.
Verse 12 Moses recognizes that he can’t lead the people by himself, on his own.
• So, he’s asking God who’s going to help me with this.
• But he isn’t just seeking God’s advice, He is seeking the very presence of God.
Verse 13 Now there may be that little voice that comes to you, Is God really pleased with me? Do I have favor?
• That voice is the enemy, and the answer of course is yes, God is pleased with you.
Stewarding that favor:
• Moses asked to know His ways, so that he might continue to find favor with God.
o He had favor with God, which allowed him to ask God to know His ways, so that He might find more favor with God. He used the favor he had to ask for more favor.
• Psalm 103:7 7 He made known His ways to Moses, His acts to the people of Israel.
• Do you see the difference?
• The people of Israel were looking for provision, they were looking for the hand or acts of God, whereas Moses was looking to know God, his ways, to be in His presence.
Verse 14 God responds to Moses request by saying that His presence will go with Moses and Israel.
• This is also an answer to the question who will you send to help me lead these people.
• In this verse, God also promised rest.
o If we are walking with the presence of God we will have rest. We’re not striving
• Which may not mean inactivity, it’s possible to have rest while still doing stuff, with His presence.
Verse 15 If your presence does not go with us do not send us up from here. Wow what a great response!
• The people of Israel have already seen incredible miracles of God.
o And yet here Moses says do not send us up from here if your presence does not go with us.
• Moses is asking to know God, to really know Him, so that he might continue to find favor with God.
• The people just expected God to provide for them, but they never bothered to figure out what that provision meant about God.
Verse 16 Moses understands that the distinguishing mark must be the presence of the Lord.
• Not just the miracles, the Egyptian magicians did “miracles,”
• This verse is the cry of the heart of this church.
Verse 17 Moses asked boldly and got what he asked for.
• But what he asked for was more of God’s presence. He stewarded his favor well.
Verse 18 Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory.”
• Now Moses goes for broke, he immediately stewards that favor and asks for more.