November 12, 2017
Disciples making Disciples Part III

Disciples making Disciples Part III (Luke 10:1-11)
Verse 1 After those following Jesus counted the cost Jesus appoints 72 more disciples.
• First, these are disciples who have been with Jesus for the last few days and they have heard Him talk about the cost. They have agreed to pay that price.
• Second, they have not been with Jesus all that long. They decide to follow Jesu after just a few days.
• Third, they are brand new disciples tasked with making disciples, this happens quickly.
Verse 2 The word harvest implies something that is ready. You don’t harvest a crop before it is ready.
• This is a statement about God’s sovereignty, God is always at work drawing people to Himself.
• Then Jesus adds that the harvest is plentiful. God is never a God of scarcity, He is always a God of plenty.
o This even applies to those who are ready for the kingdom
• Jesus then tells this crowd to pray. This a great prayer for all of us to pray.
o The harvest won’t necessarily come to us, we have to go to it.
Verse 3 Jesus immediately answers the prayer and sends them. They are the answer to their own prayer.
• But Jesus also says that we will be going out like lambs among wolves.
o Not everyone is ready for the kingdom. This is of course where fear can gain an entry point with us.
Verse 4 His command to not take a purse or bag is a statement about faith.
• It’s also a warning against greed, somehow doing this for the money.
• His command to not greet anyone on the road is not a command to be grumpy.
o It’s a warning to not get distracted.
Verse 5 Jesus sends them out with a simple litmus test to see if they are receptive to the Kingdom
• Simply give an offering of a blessing of peace.
Verse 6 If the person is receptive they will receive and accept that offering of blessing and peace
Verse 7-8 There two key factors here.
• First, Jesus says stay there so they can provide for you.
o This goes back to not taking a purse or bag with you.
o But this is also how God is working through this person of peace.
o It’s also a key sign that we have found where God is at work and we are on the right track.
• Second, we stay with them because they are the key to reaching the whole community, neighborhood, family.
• Luke 5:27-30 and the story of Levi provides a good example of a person of peace.
Verse 9 This where gifts of the spirit, super natural ministry and obedience all begin to converge.
• But notice Jesus doesn’t say pray for the sick, He says heal the sick.
Verse 10-11 What to do when people are not receptive. Move on! Not every crop is ready for harvest now.
• First, it is a statement of judgement for those that reject Him and the Kingdom of God.
• Second, it’s a statement to keep us from getting bogged down.
• But we are not giving up on those who reject the message. We just readjust our strategy.