October 29, 2017
Disciples Making Disciples

Disciples Making Disciples (Matt 28:16-20)
Verse 16 This is of course after Jesus’ death and resurrection.
Verse 17 The word ‘worship’ here means to bow down, to fall down or kneel, in response to another.
• Despite seeing the risen Lord, some still doubt, even in this incredible moment, doubt is still present.
• Two things to keep in mind from this.
o First, Jesus seems to be okay with this.
o Second, we must come to grips with how doubt will play a part in our efforts.
• This is one of the tensions of the kingdom we must learn to walk in.
Verse 18 Despite some doubting, Jesus comes to them and gives them all a commission.
• Jesus makes an incredible statement, one that is worthy of worship in itself, all authority has been given to Me
o This is not just earthly authority, this is the absolute authority from heaven.
o This is the same authority that spoke the world into existence.
• The clear implication here is that Jesus is giving us, the church, His disciples, the same authority!
Verse 19 Because Jesus has this authority and is giving it to us, we can therefore go make disciples.
• This “therefore” refers back to the commissioning scene in Matt 10:1-7
• Then Jesus commands them to “go.” This was different than Jewish tradition.
o Jewish tradition was that they were a centripetal people and nation.
 Other peoples and nation were to come to them.
• But now Jesus tells them and us to go. The mission of God is now one that is outward focused.
• Jesus now teaches to make disciples not converts.
o In doing so, Jesus is also telling us to make disciples who make disciples.
• He then tells us to go to all nations This would again have been shocking to His Jewish disciples.
• Jesus then commands to baptize them into the family and name of God. A picture of adoption.
Verse 20 Jesus now says, teach them to obey. The obedience is the more important concept in the passage.
o We tend so simply impart knowledge and hope for the best.
• Knowing the commandments almost seems to be implied, it’s the teaching of obedience we are to focus on.
• Not only is our obedience central to life in Christ and having His abiding presence.
o It is also central to the command to make disciples.
• Jesus then end the verse with the promise to always be with us.
o We are not called to fulfill this command on our own. He is always with us, to walk out this command.
What do we do to start walking out this command better? Small steps for moving forward:
• Start by becoming more aware of our conversations and our fears.
o Talk about Jesus like you do your favorite new restaurant.
o But then also become more aware of your fears.
o Ask Jesus to take away the fear and pray for courage.