October 1, 2017
Do Not Worry: Consider Closely….

Do Not Worry: Consider Closely…. (Matt 6:25-34)
Verse 25 In the previous brief section Jesus tells three very short parables.
• Don’t store up treasures on earth, guard the condition of our soul, you can’t serve two masters.
o It is into this context that Jesus begins this message. “Therefore”
• Jesus asks some rhetorical questions about our life and food, our body and clothing.
o But these are really interesting questions because is not our life dependent on food?
• The word translated as “worry” here in the NIV means, “to be anxious” or “to strive after.”
o This word is also set in contrast within this passage to the “seek first” at the end of the passage.
• Jesus gives two categories, do not worry about your life, ………or about your body
o Somehow, our very life is more important than the very things required to sustain it.
Verse 26 Jesus now begins to bring in the imagery of the Father as creator using illustrations from nature.
• The NIV has “look at,” another really good way to translate this is “consider closely.”
o This is more than just a casual glance, careful observation and thought are implied here.
o This statement is also in the form of a command.
• Then there is a reference to farming, sowing, reaping, and storing. Birds verses humans.
• Jesus uses the word “valuable” here. Are you not much more valuable than they?
o Our value come from Him as creator. His value in us.
Verse 27 Jesus again asks a Rhetorical question. This question is so blunt and stark.
Verse 28 Jesus now turns from issues of sustaining life to the care of our bodies.
• In this time period, clothing was also a lot more important than it is today.
o Clothing could have been considered family heirlooms and handed down from generation to generation. They were expensive and you typically only had two sets.
• Jesus uses a different word, the NIV has “see”, which means “to learn thoroughly” or “to consider well.”
o This is deliberate observation with intent to learn.
• The word here is “wildflower” “see, or learn thoroughly from the wildflowers of the field
Verse 29 The flowers have no part in their own beauty, they simply are the way God created them to be.
So why do I worry? I think there are spiritual answers and physical answers.
• Two lies of Satan: Is God Good and Who are you? Worry is of course related to those two lies.
• If I question the goodness of God, then I will question whether or not He will care for and provide for me.
• If I question my own value and worth, then I strive to create value for myself.
• The physical or natural realm: A Lot of what we worry about, and even demand as a right, is just cultural.
• Why is worry so dangerous? When we worry our mind and our hearts are not on Christ.
• When we worry our hearts and minds are on our circumstances.
o If our hearts and minds are on our circumstances then we are in sense worshipping the circumstances, not Jesus. Worry then has the potential then to become a form of idolatry.