September 2, 2018
Entertaining the Presence Pt 2

Entertaining the Presence Part 2 (1 Kings 8, 2 Chronicles 5)
1. Response: God was responding to their preparation, sacrifice, praise, worship and honor.
2. Prophetic vision of the NT era: What God will do in the next era after the Temple.
• This scene happens at the inauguration of the Temple
• Yet God steps in, and by His presence gives them a prophetic vision of how things will look in a coming era.
Verse 11 It says the priests could not perform their duties. In the NT there will no longer be priests
• Jesus becomes our high priest and we become the priesthood of all believers
• If they could not perform their duties there were no sacrifices being performed
o In the NT era Jesus becomes the once and for all sacrifice
• There is no longer a separation between God and the people
o The presence of God is available to all people who would call on Jesus
• Here in 1 Kings the only thing left for the priests and the people to do is worship
What does this mean for us today and how does this help host us the presence?
o First, Jesus Christ takes the place of the Temple and priests
 We don’t look to a geographic location (Temple) or a man (priest.)
o Second, the presence is now through the Holy Spirit
 The presence is with us and in us.
o Third, this scene in 1 Kings 8 shows us what is possible
 How much more can He come now because of Jesus and the Holy Spirit
3. God was making a Statement to the people: I am with you!
• God was speaking to the people of this day with his presence, with this appearance.
1 Kings 6:11-13 God had told Solomon if you do things right, if you follow my ways, if you obey my commands, that He would keep His promises.
• His appearance here is confirmation that the people have done well so far.
• By filling the Temple with His glory, the Lord says, I am here, I have not left you, I will lead you.
• This is also part of the answer as to why this level of God’s presence is important.
o God was showing how He would lead them if the people would follow His ways and honor Him.
So what does this mean for us today?
• Remember God told Solomon follow my ways and I will be with you. It’s the same for us today.
o Think of Micah 6:8
Why wasn’t this level of presence sustained here? Why was it just for a moment?
• It was in part because they quickly followed other gods.
• It was also partly because it was before the cross and the sending of the Holy Spirit.
So how do we get sustained presence?
• For us the key is to remain hungry, thankful, and obedient.