May 20, 2018
Living in the Spirit: Pentecost

Living in the Spirit: Pentecost Sunday (Luke 24:49 & Acts 2:1)
Luke 24:49 To emphasize the importance of the HS Jesus tells His disciple stay in the city until you receive the Holy Spirit, power from on high.
• In this context Jesus is saying that the Great Commission is a Suicide mission without the HS
• He starts out by saying “stay here.” In Greek, it’s actually the verb “to sit.”
o The verb is also in the active form. Which means the subject of the verb does the action.
 The disciples were the subject, so they were to take the action of sitting still.
• Then Jesus says “clothed.” This word means “the sense of sinking into a garment.”
• This verb is in the passive form.
o Which means the disciple will be filled not as an act of their own will.
• Then the next word is power. Which is the word dunamis
o This is a bit of supernatural word, meaning more than just simple power, but miraculous power.
The Promised fulfilled Acts 2:1-4
• What they see and hear is different. They hear a blowing violent wind. But they see tongues of fire
• The verb “to rest” here is the same verb “to sit” we saw back in Luke 24:49
Verse 4 Notice it says All of them were filled. The verb here filled is in the passive form.
• The disciples have no part in the filling, it is just happening to them.
Verse 5 Jesus prophesied the Gospel would go to all nations in Luke 24:47, here we see confirmation of that.
Verse 6 Other people heard this, not just the disciples. The Spirit came, heaven spoke, and people responded.
• When the Spirit comes there will often be a degree of confusion.
Verse 7-8 This isn’t about the tongues this is about the nations and the work of the Spirit.
Verse 12 The word translated as perplexed has as its first definition, “to be entirely at a loss”
• The crowd now begins to divide. Some responding with amazement and or confusion.
Verse 13 While some reject and mock what is happening
Verses 14-36 Peter under the power of the HS gets up and preaches a message for the ages.
Verse 37 They were cut to the heart and now want to know more about Jesus.
o But just a few weeks ago, this was the same crowd that was yelling, “crucify Him.”
What changed? The Holy Spirit came!
First, the atmosphere changed. The Spirit had changed the atmosphere behind WHAT was being said.
Second, Peter is transformed. In Mark 14 Peter in intimidated by a servant girl and denies Jesus three times
Third, the crowd changed. This is the same crowd who just weeks ago cried out crucify Him.
Fourth, the church is born from the power of the Spirit
o Just a few hours ago there was no church. Just a few disciples
o The Holy Spirit shows up and the church is born and grows to over 3000.
• In the Spirit all of this is still available and possible today.