June 3, 2018
Living in the Spirit: Spiritual Gifts Pt 2

Living in the Spirit: Spiritual Gifts Part II
Verse 8, The word wisdom here means: wisdom, insight, intelligence, knowledge; Wisdom (of God)
• The wisdom of God is really what is in view here.
• The spirit gives us wisdom to help us understand the things of God.
Words of knowledge The word translated as “knowledge” here means: esoteric knowledge
• This is a knowing something that you couldn’t have known through normal means.
• This tends to be past tense, something that did happen that you would have had no way of knowing.
Verse 9: Faith is so key to all of the spiritual gifts. We all have and exercise faith but some have this as a gift.
• Some people will just have this as a unique gifting.
to another gifts of healing Anybody can pray for healing and expect to see healing take place.
• There will be those that have this as a gift.
by that one spirit This is really all about the Holy Spirit and there is only one Holy Spirit.
Verse 10 Miraculous powers Another good way to translate this would be “super natural deeds”
o A great biblical example of this is in 2 Kings 6:3-7
Prophecy The word prophecy here can mean: a inspired utterance or preaching the message of God.
• This tends to be the Lord speaking for the present moment or about the future.
o Any prophetic word the Lord gives won’t disagree in any way with scripture.
• It should also be for the building up of the body of Christ. 1 Cor 14:3
• Paul really puts an emphasis on this gift. 1 Cor 14:1
Distinguishing between spirits
The unique spirit lead ability to tell whether something is from the spirit of God or the enemy. Acts 16:16 is a good story showing this gift in action.
Speaking in different kinds of tongues: This can be both known languages and unknown.
• Two manifestations of tongues: Private prayer language. A public word for the building up of the body.
Interpretation of tongues: This can be a unique standalone gifting.
Verse 28 Paul talks again about gifts but he also adds functions or offices, Apostles, prophets, teachers.
Helps The word gift is implied in the Greek. This is super natural helps.
administration The Holy Spirit supernaturally leads them to administrate really well.
Verse 29 We won’t all have the same gift, but all the gifts are to be in the church
• We won’t all have of the gifts, but we may have several.
Verse 31 The word that the NIV translates as desire really means: To burn with zeal
Romans 12: 6-8 The word gift in verse 6 is the same word Charisma we saw in 1 Cor 12:4.
• Paul introduces six more gifts here, Serving, teaching, encouraging, giving, leadership, mercy,
• The other concept we see here is according to the grace given us.
o We will each operate at different levels but can grow as we steward the gift well.