April 29, 2018
Living in the Spirit: The Wisdom of the Spirit

Living in the Spirit: The Wisdom of the Spirit
John 14:25-26 Jesus says the Holy Spirit will teach us all things.
John 16:12 There was much more that Jesus wanted and needed to teach His disciples and us.
• You can’t take all the wisdom of God and download it into human beings all at once.
o Attaining wisdom from the Lord will be an ongoing process as we are able to handle it.
• It also says that He will tell us what is yet to come, there is a prophetic nature to work the of the Spirit.
Now let’s ask the question how do you learn from a teacher?
• You have to be present, you can’t learn if you are always absent. You also have to be attentive to the teacher.
• We can also ask questions of the teacher (See James 1:5)
• Now it says He will teach us all things, what is the nature of the all things?
o He will teach all things about Jesus, all things about the Father, all things about the Kingdom
• The Spirit will remind us of everything He already taught, today this is the Spirit bringing scriptures to mind.
1 Cor 2:6 Some Bibles have a heading “wisdom from the Spirit”
Verse 10 Until the day the Spirit came no one knew the good things that God had prepared for them.
• In the context of what Paul is talking about here, he is talking about Jesus.
• The verse goes on to say that the Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.
• John 16:13 says the Spirit will only speak what he hears. What the Spirit speaks are the deep things of God.
Verse 11 No one can know our deep thoughts accept our own spirit.
• And in that same way so the Holy Spirit knows the thoughts of God, the same Spirit that is in us.
Verse 12 There is also a spirit of this world.
• It takes a very deliberate act on our part to make sure we are paying attention to the right one.
Verse 13 What Paul is teaching was not taught by humans with the words of the world.
• He is also comparing spiritual things with spiritual, which implies that there are competing spiritual realities.
Verse 14 The person without the Holy Spirit cannot receive the things of the Spirit.
• This has the potential to be true on many level.
Ehp 1:17 We must remember there is only one Spirit, so this Spirit of wisdom is the Holy Spirit.
Eph 3:10 The word manifold is a compound word made up of two adjectives, “much” and “diversified”
• Rulers and authorities could be translated as principalities and powers as per NKJ.
• The principalities and powers, is referring to demonic principalities and powers.
• The wisdom of God is made known to evil forces simply in the walking out of God’s wisdom in the church.
• This wisdom being revealed by the church it two-fold.
o First, it points to the salvific work of God through Christ which the demonic realm did not see coming.
o Second, this wisdom points to the divine economy for the ages, alluding back to the last verse (9).
o So, what had been kept a mystery through the ages is now being revealed through the church to demonic forces.
This ties back to John 16:13