February 4, 2018
Making Disciples Step by Step Part II

Making Disciples Step by Step Part II (Matt 9:9-13)
(Review) Step one: Change our thinking
Step two: Ask the Lord to open our eyes
Step three: Seize the everyday opportunities
Step four: Change our conversations
Step Five: Think replication (reproducing)
(Part II) Step six: Remember discipleship starts from the beginning
• We don’t start at conversion, we start with conversation
o Jesus started to disciple people the moment he came in contact with them.
Step 7: Leave your comfort zone
• Making disciple will probably require us to go places we don’t normally go.
• In Matt 9 Jesus has left what would have been considered the “comfort zone” of his day.
• The religious leaders of the day were appalled that Jesus was hanging out in such a place.
o Jesus’ behavior confuses them. He was not hanging out with other religious leaders.
• So, we have to follow Jesus and go hang out with the people who don’t know Jesus yet.
Step 8: Obedience matters
• This isn’t about transference of knowledge. It’s not just about teaching.
o It’s about obedience. Discipleship is about obedience.
• Here in Matt 9 Jesus was obedient to what His Father had called him to do.
• The people who don’t know Jesus must see the obedience in us. We must live a life that is attractive.
• If people are going to jump in or commit to following Jesus, they want to be all in.
Step 9: Invite them to something and accept invitations
• Jesus was good at inviting and accepting invitations.
• Matt 9:9-10 One minute Jesus is just meeting Matt and the next minute He is at his house.
• Luke 19:1-6 I love how Jesus invites Himself over.
• In both of these stories I can almost guarantee you that they were all having a good time.
o There was good food and laughter; but Jesus was talking about the things of the Kingdom.
o He wasn’t using the language of the religious leaders, or the people would not have stayed.
Step 10: Always be looking for the person of peace
• Jesus recognizes that Matt was a person of peace.
• What makes a person of peace?
o They are people of influence (But not necessarily leaders)
o And they are willing to use their influence to reach others. (Even pay for the party)
• If you reach the person of peace, then you will also most likely reach all the people in their influence.