July 16, 2017
Serving as Evangelism

Serving As Evangelism (1 Thes 2:1-13)
Verse 2 Paul reminds His readers that they had suffered and been insulted in the city of Philippi.
• Yet despite the insults and strong opposition they still preached the Gospel.
• Today we seem to have lost sight of the idea that preaching the Gospel is going to come with strong opposition.
Verse 3-5 In these three verses Paul is establishing their pure motives.
Verse 7 This is the mighty Apostle Paul, and yet he says that he has been as gentle as a mother.
• He was not harsh or overbearing with them.
• And what do mother’s do? They care for and meet needs. Remember the context here is sharing the Gospel.
Verse 8 Because of their love for the people, they were delighted to share the Gospel.
• And not just the Gospel, but their lives, because they had become so dear to them.
• He is also talking about loving people before they were followers of Jesus.
• Paul also says they shared not just the gospel but their lives.
o This wasn’t awkward in the moment evangelism. This is deep relational evangelism.
Verse 9 The most affective missionaries are the ones who labor among the people they are trying to reach.
• Not only are you not a burden to the people, but it helps you bond with them.
Verse 10 A lack of character and integrity will shipwreck our best attempts at evangelism.
Verse 11-12 Now after Paul tell us he has been a mother to them, he also says that he was a father to them.
• There are qualities in both mothering and fathering that are critical to evangelism and serving.
• Paul says he encouraged them, as a father would. This is what good fathering is.
o Being discouraging or judging will not endear someone to Jesus.
• In the context of fathering Paul says he was comforting to them.
o Now put that in the context of serving and evangelism. A father’s comfort will draw people to Jesus.
• This wasn’t just fathering for fathering sake, he says that he urged them to live Godly lives, from the place of a father. This is discipleship, the is evangelism.
• Then Paul mentions that God is calling us into His kingdom
o Again, it’s that fathering role, to call sons and daughters into their kingdom calling and destiny.
Verse 13 Finally, Paul gives thanks for them accepting the word of God, not as from men but from God.
7 key principles or concepts here for serving as a form of evangelism.
1. Pure motives
2. Overcome insults and opposition (secure identity)
3. Labored among them. (Also serving)
4. Gentle as a mother (meeting needs and serving)
5. Shared the Gospel and their lives from a place of love. They delighted to do this.
6. Encouraged and comforted like a father. Urged to live Godly lives.
7. Gave thanks for those that received the Lord.