March 18, 2018
The Costliness of Preparing for Worship

Preparing for Worship
Preparing for Worship 2 Sam 24:18-25

• This story starts earlier in the chapter with David sinning against the Lord by taking a census of his army.
o Then the Lord speaks through the prophet Gad and sends three options for judgement.
• Then we see this scene of worship.
What do we see in this passage?
• Repentance, costliness, sacrifice, preparation, honor, prayer
Repentance: David goes through this whole process to repent of his sin.
o Of course, our sin can be a barrier between us and a good worship experience. See Matt 5:23
• So, as we prepare for worship, whether Sat night, Sunday morning, examine your heart.
Costliness: Worship cannot be cheap and easy, or it’s not worship. Jesus is worth more than cheap and easy.
• There must be a deliberate costliness to our worship?
o If you come to a worship and go home and it cost you nothing, was it worship?
• Other practical: Prepare your tithe check, pray over it, time-get here early, service to the church family
Sacrifice: While Jesus is the sacrifice now, there still needs to be sacrifice on our part.
• Sacrifice of the heart, sacrifice of our desires, our will.
o We give a sacrifice to the Lord with our praise and thanksgiving.
Preparation: Remember David had to build an altar, make a fire, cut up the animal.
• Coming to worship will be the most important thing you do all week. Why not prepare accordingly?
o If possible going to bed early Sat night, getting up early Sunday, arriving here early Sunday.
Preparing for battle Eph 6:12 Preparing for worship is also putting on that spiritual armor.
o Because the enemy will fight against us getting the most out of worship.
Honor: Do we honor the Lord and each other with all of our actions and words?
Prayer: Start praying for the worship service on Thurs
• Pray for yourself, pray for your church family, pray for me, pray for the worship team.
• Come early at 9:45 and pray
Once last thing, as you enter for worship, become aware of God’s presence.
• As you come in the sanctuary become aware of His presence
• What are you most aware of? Your frustration getting here, temperature, distractions, sleepiness, others?
• Slow down, breath deep, invite his presence, and then wait until you become aware of His presence.
o Before and as the service begins!
• Don’t let the people upfront carry the whole load of worship, participate.
 Kneel down, lie down, dance, raise your hands.
 Shout, praise, Amen