July 15, 2018
The Full Armor of God Pt II

The Full Armor of God Pt II (Eph 6:10-18)
Verse 14 … with the breastplate of righteousness in place,
o In the Greek the verb to “to put on” is repeated in this clause, the NIV assumes that.
o and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, (NASB)
• The breastplate was a piece of armor made of leather or metal and protected the front of the solider.
o A solider would not have had his own personal breastplate with his name on it.
o He would have worn a breastplate provided by the Roman government, with their insignia.
• The righteousness we are to “put on” is not our own righteousness but that of Christ. The cross
Let’s ask two questions:
First, why is the position of this breastplate so important, why over the heart?
o It’s in our mind that we give mental ascent to being saved.
o But it’s in our heart that we believe against logic that we are forgiven and made righteous.
o This piece of armor is to protect our heart with the righteousness of Christ so that the enemy can’t take us out by calling to into question our righteousness.
Second, why is it the second piece of armor mentioned, after the belt of truth?
o Just like the enemy can take us out if we don’t believe the truth of who we are and who God is.
o He can take us out before we get started if don’t believe we are and have the righteousness of Christ.
• We put on the breastplate of righteousness as a defense against the enemy’s attacks against our identity as a forgiven child of God.
Verse 15 There are three key concepts in this verse: Feet /footwear, Readiness /preparedness, Gospel of peace
• This statement also moves toward being more offensive.
o Both in the physical armor with the shoes, and in the spiritual with the Gospel.
Feet: Romans were famous for these sandals and they were often considered what gave the Romans the advantage. These sandals gave them steady footing on uneven ground.
Readiness: What Paul is stressing here is readiness. The well prepared solider is always ready.
Gospel of peace: “the readiness to announce the good news of peace.” (TEV)
• The word Gospel means good news. The good news Paul uses in this verse is peace.
• Irony: the passage is full of military imagery and metaphors, and images of struggle.
• Yet now on the offensive, our message is to be one of peace.
Three parts to the plan
First, there is the idea of readiness, we must prepare.
Second, stand firm and advance. Your feet are not fitted with cleats so that you can sit on the couch or sidelines
Third, declare peace and the Gospel. Learn to practice peace. If you pander to chaos, chaos multiplies.
Four, Be careful with let you allow in your life that works against peace.