July 8, 2018
The Full Armor of God

The Full Armor of God (Eph 6:10-18)
Verse 10 This statement is both a passive verb form and an imperative.
• Paul is reminding us that we need to be strengthened and that we must look to the Lord for that to happen.
Verse 11 Here Paul introduces the idea of needing to get dressed with the right kind of clothes, or armor.
• Many believe that Paul was referring to the armor worn by Roman soldiers.
• But an equally valid source for Paul’s vision for armor here is Isa 11:4-5 & 59:17
Why? So that we might stand firm against the devil’s schemes.
“Put on” here is a verb that refers to putting on clothing.
o But Paul frequently uses this verb with a spiritual sense as he does here.
• He also says to put on the full armor, not just a few pieces.
• Within the full understanding of the word “stand” is also the idea to attack, to be on the offensive.
o Could be seen as “To stand up against”
Verse 12 Paul reminds us that this struggle is not against flesh and blood, not with humans.
• The word translated into English as struggle is an athletic term.
o This will be both a military battle and a wrestling match.
The first two categories “rulers,” and “authorities” are common terms Paul has used before.
• But the term “powers” is new. A literal translation would be “world powers” (Only time in NT)
• The source of this term could be two-fold.
o It was used in Greek mythology to describe the powers behind the Greek gods.
o It was also used in extra-biblical Jewish writings to describe demonic forces of a heavenly nature.
• Paul then adds the phrase, “of this dark world” to ensure that his readers understand their evil nature.
• Paul was probably addressing Syncretism.
• Then finally Paul uses the phrase spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms
o Paul’s way of summarizing the ones he has already mentioned.
Verse 13 It should read, “Therefore, take up the full armor of God,” (NASB, ESV, NKJV)
• This verb was commonly used in this time period to refer to taking up weapons.
• Paul gives us two concepts here, “put on the full armor” and “take up the full armor”
o One refers more to preparing, having the right equipment in place.
o The second refers to being ready to use that equipment in a proper manner.
Day of evil: Is he referring to the end times or now? The answer is yes.
Verse 14 Three types of truth: Truth of our personal identity, Speaking the truth, Living in the truth.
• It’s important to note where Paul placed the concept of truth in relation to a soldier’s armor.
o The belt sort of held everything together.
o Many of the other pieces of armor depend on this one, in the physical and Spiritual realm.