October 30, 2016
The Nature of God: Creator Super Natural

The Nature of God: Creator and Super Natural
Gen 1:1-25 The Bible starts in verse one by telling us God is creator
• It’s the first thing scripture tells us about God. It tells us He is creator and He is super natural.
o Notice also it keeps saying that “God said” God does not create like a sculptor. God creates from nothing
God as our creator Gen 1:26 Unlike all the other creatures that God created we bear the image of God.
• Because we share the image of God we also get to share two other aspects of God’s nature.
• Gen 2:7 God can create from simply speaking something into existence and he can create something from what He already created. He created us from the earth, something He already created.
Psalm 139:13-16 This passage tells us that he can see us before we are even created and born.
• As supernatural creator, God can see what He is going to create before He creates it.
• As Creator, God also does not make mistakes. Exodus 4:11
• God creates exactly as He sees fit and according to His sovereignty. He never makes a mistake.
Then because He is creator He can act super naturally over any part of creation
• Think of the Flood of Noah’s day in Gen 6
• Joshua 10:11-14 God brings about a hail storm that kills more people than the Israelites killed with the sword.
o Then Joshua a man of God stands up and asks the Lord to stop the sun, and God does.
God is super natural over the animal world. Numbers 22:26-31
• The Lord super naturally opened the mouth of a donkey to talk to its master.
Let’s move into the NT and look at everyday examples.
Healing Mark 5:24-29 Jesus doesn’t even pray for her.

• He is so super natural and so desires to heal, it happened just by her touching his cloak.
Weather: Luke 8:24-25 The whole earth and its weather are still subject to its creator.
Circumstantial need food: Matt 14:15-21 Jesus supernaturally created or multiplied more food
• So much of the time we are looking for natural answer for super natural problems.
Money: Matt 17:27 Jesus can act super naturally over money and governments.
• God’s ability to act, create, and provide are not license for us to act irresponsibly or just being stupid.
o God always acts this way in response to our faithfulness and obedience.
Salvation: The very idea of salvation is super natural.
• Jesus left His throne in heaven and came to earth to be born to a virgin and then die on a cross, be raised from the dead and return to His throne in heaven. All of that is super natural.
Evangelism: In Acts 2:41 Peter Preaches a message and the Lord super naturally breathes on it and 3000 people get saved.
The Word of God: Hebrews 4:12 The Word of God is super natural because it is written by a supernatural God.
We will do greater things: John14:12-14
• It is through the Holy Spirit that we get to partner with God and His super natural nature.