January 28, 2018
What Are You Attending To? Part III (The Book of Haggai)

What Are You Attending to? Part III (Haggai 2:20-23)
• 2:20 This is now the fourth and final oracle of the book. This word comes on the same day as the last one.
• This word is addressed to the governor Zerubbabel.
o And deals with national, governmental issues.
• The Lord’s message is again that He will shake the heavens and the earth.
o Last time it was for provision.
• This time the Lord will shake the heavens and the earth for judgement and destruction.
o He will shake those who stand opposed to His Kingdom.
Verse 22 The Lord says he will over throw royal thrones.
• The Lord is referring to earthly empires, earthly kings.
o Remember the Hebrew people here are just coming out of exile.
• He and He alone has the power to establish and overthrow kings and kingdoms and their thrones.
o Paul reminds us of this in Romans 13.
• The Lord says He will not only overturn their thrones, but He will also shatter their power.
o The Hebrew word translated here as “shatter” means annihilate or exterminate.
• This section is also reminiscent of the exodus.
• Chariots were seen as the greatest representation of a kingdom’s strength.
o The more chariots you had the stronger you were as a kingdom.
 So, the Lord speaks directly to what was seen as a sign of a nations strength.
• Then the Lord goes on to mention horses and their riders.
o Horses were seen as the second most important military weapon after chariots.
• He will do this by turning them against each other, “each by the sword of his brother.”
Verse 23 The Lord now gives what may seem like an odd promise to Zerubbabel.
• To understand what this is about we have to backtrack to when the exile started, to Jeremiah 22:24.
o In Jer 22:24 the Lord is stating that He will remove the kingship from Jehoiachin.
• Why? 2 kings 24:9 says because, “Jehoiachin he did evil in the eye of the Lord” just like his father had.
o The Lord had grown weary of the kings of Judah doing evil.
• So, with Jehoiachin the Lord removes the signet ring. The sign and symbol of a King’s authority.
o This also meant that the line of David as leader and king of Judah had ended. (See also Jer 22:30)
o The Lord completely removes the kingship from David’s line.
• But now back in Haggai we see God restore that.
o Zerubbabel was a decedent of David and Solomon in direct line for the throne. 1 Chronicles 1:19
o The Lord restores the kingdom and lineage of David through Zerubbabel.
• This is a sign of God’s grace
• This is a sign that God will always be faithful to His promises.