February 25, 2018
Winning The War for Your Mind Part 2 Scripture as our Weapon

Winning the War for Your Mind Pt II
Scripture As Our Weapon (Psalm 23)
2 Cor 10:6 In the natural realm Paul is reestablishing his authority as an Apostle and leader.
• Paul talks about the weapons we fight with are not the weapons of this world.
o So, it would seem odd that he suddenly jumped solely to a worldly view of punishment.
• I think we can also see this as punishing those thoughts that have been lifted up against us.
Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd,
• What is the job of shepherd? To provide and care for, to protect, to look out for.
o When those thoughts are coming against you. I feel alone, I feel unprotected, I feel uncared for.
• Respond with what is true, “The Lord is My shepherd”
I shall not be in want Because the Lord is our shepherd we shall not be in want.
• When the thoughts come, that you are in need, you are not going to have enough, you are going to end up starving and homeless. Speak to that lie, “I shall not be in want.”
o This is not health and wealth thinking, this is believing and declaring the promises of God.
• When we speak the promises of God like this, we not only break the strong hold of the lie, but we also speak that promise into the spiritual atmosphere around us.
o And it is at this point that God can then begin to move on that promise.
o But if what we are speaking is the lie, the unbelief, God can’t move on that.
Verse 2 A good shepherd leads their sheep to fields of good abundant green grass.
o The Good Shepherd will not only lead us to green pastures, he will make us lie down and rest.
• This is an invitation to trust God’s brand of provision in the face of the lies in our head.
he leads me beside quiet waters, here water also represents refreshment. They are not troubled waters.
• If the lies are lack of provision, or stress, feeling drained, speak it and believe it.
o Then let Him lead you!!!
Verse 3 Here we see more clearly that we are not talking about a literal shepherd.
• The Good Shepherd is in the business of restoring souls.
o No matter what we have done in the past or have been slimed by others.
o Jesus restores souls.
• When the enemy plants the lie in your head that you are tainted good, speak this. He restores my soul
• When you are feeling tempted, when the voices in your head are pulling you away.
o Remind the enemy that Jesus will lead me in paths of righteousness
o Then let Jesus lead you into that righteousness
Verse 4 This doesn’t refer to actual death, but just it’s shadow. The word literally means death-shadow
o YLT Also – when I walk in a valley of death-shade
• This darkness or shadow also does not mean the absence of the presence of God.
For you are with me In that dark place, in those dark thoughts, speak it out “Jesus is with me”
• And it is because he is with us, that we never need to fear evil.
your rod and your staff, they comfort me The rod and staff are the tools of the shepherd.
• The enemy will speak to us. You had to get rescued again? The Lord had to discipline you again?
• But when we find comfort in the rescue and discipline of the Lord.
o We can speak these very words back to the enemy as a promise
Verse 5 We have to learn to be okay with receiving our provision and blessing with the enemy staring us down.
• Here is the best part, the enemy can’t touch what is on our table, unless we let him.
o That table has been prepared by the Lord, for us!
• Often, we turn our attention to the enemy and even try to make peace with him.
o And while we are trying to make peace with him, he steals our provision.
You anoint my head with oil To anoint with oil here isn’t the normal word for anointing.
o This word here is sensual rather than sacramental. It means to make luxuriant.
• The Lord’s provision can even be luxuriant but from a place of love and care.
my cup overflows This cup refers to a wine cup.
o A cup overflowing with wine speaks of an abundant harvest
Verse 6 All the days of my life refers here, to this life. Not heaven or the future coming Kingdom.
o It’s the word hessed which can’t be translated into English without using several words.
o Loving kindness is how it is often translated.
• This covenant loving kindness will pursue or chase us all our life. What a great promise.
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. This speaks of being in His presence
• When the enemy tells us we are separated from God, that God is far off or not going to take care of us.
o I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. If I am in His presence, He will care for me.
Now that’s just one passage of Scripture: You can also do this with very specific issues
• “God is not going to come through verses Romans 8:28
• “Life is too much where is God?” verses Romans 8:37-39
• “You do not deserve to be saved” Eph 2:8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—
• “Are you Enough God?” Eph 1:18-23
• “I don’t have the strength” verses Eph 3:14-19
• Fear verses Romans 8:15-16
Psalm 91
• The voice that says you are too busy to pray but the word in Isa says give yourself no rest in prayer
Also think in terms of stories and themes: David & Joseph