March 11, 2018
Winning the War for Your Mind Part IV: From Christ’s Victory

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Winning the War for Our Mind Part IV
From Jesus’ Victory (Luke 4:4-14 Isa 61:1-3)

Luke 4:14 Jesus is saying that all these prophecies from Isaiah are now fulfilled in Him.
o So, everything promised in this statement from Isa is now true in the person of Jesus.
 This is Jesus’ victory, and it is from this victory that we now fight.
Verse 1 At His death and resurrection He became the Good News.
o That’s what Gospel means is good news. Jesus is that Good News!
• Poor here is referring to spiritually poor, not financially poor.
o And when we are losing the battle in our mind we are spiritually poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
• Jesus has known all sorrow, He has experienced every heart break we could possibly experience.
o Jesus is the creator of our hearts and knows what it takes to comfort us.
to proclaim freedom for the captives,
• He is not referring to literal prisoners or captives but to spiritual captives and those living in the darkness of the enemy. Losing the war in our mind, can make us a captive.
o If the enemy has you in his grips, your freedom has already been won.
• Jesus victory is already complete and 100% effective.
and release from darkness (blindness)for the prisoners
• This language refers to giving sight to those who are spiritually blind.
o If we are not seeing in the spirit, free from darkness, then we are prisoners to the perceptions of the enemy. We are only seeing the world the way the enemy wants us to see it.
o When we only see the world the way the enemy wants us to, then we think that way as well.
 When we see properly, we will think properly.
o We can also claim this as a promise for others as well.
Verse 2 Because of Jesus death and resurrection, we now live in the year of the Lord’s favor.
• In the death and resurrection of Jesus and the sending of the Holy Spirit, we now live under an open heaven.
o Therefore, we live in the era of the Lord’s favor.
o The Cross behind us, heaven before us, the Holy Spirit in us we live in favor.
o Declare that for yourself.
and the day of vengeance of our God
• Just like we live now in the Lord’s favor, so to we live in the era of God’s vengeance.
o Not for us, but for those who reject Jesus’ sacrifice.
o As long as they reject Jesus, they live not under favor but under His vengeance.
o But here is how we win the war in our mind.
 It’s easy to become consumed with trying to judge others.
• It’s easy to be consumed with fear of those who do evil.
o But I put my mind at ease with this verse.
to comfort all who mourn,
• The mourning here refers not to mourning over death or loss but rather the morning over our own sins.
o We live in the era of the Lord’s favor and the evil will get their due.
 All that is left is too mourn our own sin.
o Jesus will take away our sin and comfort the grief over our sin. He takes away the shame.
Verse 3 This verse really beings to give us a better visual of what victory in Christ looks like.
• We also start to see an important contrast, the word instead
o Instead of what the enemy has for us, Jesus has something far better.
• Jesus says that instead of our ashes, he will share His victory with us.
o This is what Jesus has already done and has offered to us.
Crown: This isn’t hidden beauty, this a crown. A crown is visible for all to see.
o A king wears a crown so everyone can see it and recognize his position and authority.
o We get to wear our crown of beauty so the world can see it.
• Part of what it means to be in community with others is to help them see this beauty in themselves.
the oil of gladness (joy) instead of mourning. This mourning doesn’t refer to mourning of death or loss.
• This again is mourning over sin, shame.
• Oil was a sign of luxury and prosperity and interestingly enough was not worn by mourners.
• Jesus is saying no more do you have to mourn over your sin but you can rejoice in your salvation.
and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair We get to put on a garment of praise.
• The word “garment” here really means a mantle.
• In the bible a mantle refers to more than just a piece of clothing, it refers to authority, especially spiritual.
• Jesus has provided for us a garment, or authority, of praise as our weapon against despair.
o This garment also become our protection against despair.
They will be called oaks of righteousness,
• We have to go back to Isa 1:29-39 to understand this.
o Because of the sinful choices of the people God says they will be fading Oaks.
• This passage in Isa 61 is the redemption of what we see in Isa 1 because of Jesus.
o This speaks of the powerful redemptive work of Jesus.
a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.
• This is your identity, your identity is not ashes, your identity is gladness, your identity is a crown of beauty, your identity is oil of gladness, your identity is a garment of praise your identity is the Lord’s splendor and glory.