Staying Down Deep

When I was a kid, I used to try and sit with my legs crossed at the bottom of the pool.  My cousins and I would pretend we were having a tea party down there. It never worked though.  I would get frustrated as we would float back up to the surface of the water; our imaginary tea party being pulled away from us.  As much as it was good for us to breath, there was something special I wanted to enjoy at the bottom of the neighborhood pool which I was kept from.

As I have been pondering living a life deeply rooted in God’s love and trust, I have been looking for ways to go deep and stay deep.  You can get to the bottom of a pool by diving in, but how do you stay there?  You can go deep with God for a moment at a conference, a worship night, or a great service on Sunday, but how do you make it last?  How do you stay deep when other things in the world keep trying to pull you back? How do you stay rooted and grounded?

I was told last week to read John 17 500 times.  I am at just over 5. I am excited to continue though because it is Jesus’ prayer for us.  For US. For His disciples at the time, but also for every. one. else. who would believe in Him.  Jesus prays for us! It is beautiful! For me, I want to read it and get to know it. I would encourage you do to the same.  When I think about getting to know Jesus’ prayer for us, it reminds me of how important knowing the word of God is for
staying deep.

Going deep and staying deep seem to be the simplest, and yet hardest things to do.  I have found these four things to be key in my life as I have pursued living in the deep places of trust and knowledge of God:

  • Reading the promises of God.  Read until the word of God is thickly surrounding your heart and mind.
  • Pray without ceasing.  Communicate with God constantly.  Ask Him to speak to you. Ask Him to whisper to your heart.  Pray with others. Ask other people to remind you of who you are.
  • Worship!  We enter His courts with thanksgiving in our hearts!  Sing out a song! Shout it out if you need to!
  • Sit.  Be. Refresh in the presence of God.

Let the words of God, in song, in prayer, in praise, in quiet, and in rest, take you deeper into the very heart of God!

What about you?  How have these four things impacted your life?  What other things do you find help you stay deep?