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Growing Must Change Direction

It is only April, and I am finding myself fighting thoughts of being bored with this year. Last year was a doozie for me, and I jumped into 2018 thinking it would be another year for strides of great growth. Over the last year and a half, I made a significant move in: A Relationship […]

Staying Down Deep

When I was a kid, I used to try and sit with my legs crossed at the bottom of the pool.  My cousins and I would pretend we were having a tea party down there. It never worked though.  I would get frustrated as we would float back up to the surface of the water; […]

Roots Which Hold Tight

Tree roots are fascinating to me. How do they hold onto the ground? It is just dirt!  Most my thoughts of dirt revolve around gardening, potting soil, puling weeds out of the ground, dirt falling through my fingers, and well… mud!  None of these aspects of dirt appear to me to be strong. Yet trees, […]