The Vision (in a nutshell)

  1. House of Prayer for all Nations (Mark 11:17; Rev 5:9)
    a. Prayer, presence, power
    b. Every, tribe, tongue, people, and nation
    c. Worship
  2. Empowering God’s people (Ehp 4:12; 1 Cor 12:1-11)
    a. Growing in Spiritual gifts
    b. Discipleship
    c. Heart level serving
  3. Advancing the Kingdom of God (Matt 28:18-20; Matt 6:10)
    a. Evangelism
    b. Loving and serving our community
    c. Missions

* Signs, and wonders following

The Vision and Mission: A house of prayer for all nations empowering God’s people to advance the kingdom.

(Pray, empower, advance)

Who we are, What We Do:

  • Jesus honored and the word of God proclaimed
  • Intimate but simple worship
  • Every tribe, tongue, people and nation
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit in use in a healthy and balanced way
  • Everybody gets to play
  • A house of prayer for all nations
  • Loving our community, serving the poor, meeting needs

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