Welcome to Vineyard Crystal Lake!

Looking for a new church home can be a very difficult or daunting task.  There are so many issues to take into consideration. Through my life’s journey there are few things that I have always wanted to see in the church and so we have tried to make this church reflect that.

The church should be a loving place. After all Jesus said the world would know His followers by their love. So we ought to love one another and the world really well. This is our highest priority.

Study of the Bible and discipleship should be practical and relevant for today’s life. Worship should be passionate and authentic. Community and relationships should be deep and true. The gifts of the Holy Spirit should be in operation in a healthy and balanced way where everybody get to participate with their spiritual gifts. The presence of God should be what defines us.

The Bible says that heaven will be every tribe, every tongue, and every nation. So I always thought the church should look like that now. Our church is a multi-cultural and multi racial group of believers with at least six different nations represented.

We also believe that the church should be free from politics and instead seek after the Kingdom of God. After all, Jesus taught us to pray, “let your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”

Come join us as we pursue the heart of the Father. Together we can change the world.

What to expect when you visit

Our services start at 10:30am

We are located at 7105 Virginia Rd # 18 We area across from the Walgreens and right behind the CVS, in fact we share an entrance with CVS off of Virginia Rd.

Our services are generally an hour and fifteen minutes long.

Dress is casual, jeans and t-shirt are fine, but if you want to dress up that is fine too.

There will be people from different races and cultures with several different languages spoken by members.

Visitors are never singled out, but you will be warmly welcomed.

We have children’s ministry from toddlers all the way through high school. Children will be taught age appropriate Bible stories and fun games and crafts to help apply and remember the lesson.

We also have a changing room for those still in diapers.

We always have free coffee, tea, and other treats before and after the service.

We look forward to your visit!