December 9, 2018
The Christmas Story; Love is Born Part II

The Christmas Story: Love is Born Part II (Luke 1:26-38)
Verse 26 The story now shifts from Zechariah to Mary.
• From the public setting of the Temple in Jerusalem to a private scene in a small town.
• There are nine parallels between this story and the one that we just looked at with Zechariah.
1. The scene is set and the angle comes (1:1-5, 26-27)
2. The person fears (1:12, 29)
3. The angel gives assurance and says do not fear (1:13, 30)
4. The birth of a child is promised and the child is named (1:13, 31)
5. The significance of the child is described (1:14-17, 32-33)
6. A question expresses some doubt. (1:18, 34)
7. The Holy Spirit’s role is explained (1:15, 35)
8. A sign or an instruction is given (1:19-20, 36-37)
9. A remark about the significance of the angel’s word’s is made (1:20, 38)
• There are some differences
1. The first was a reversal of barrenness this is a virgin birth
2. Here the word goes to the mother and not the father
• The region is probably also mentioned because the town of Nazareth was so small.
Verse 27 We again see the pedigree as we did with Zechariah and Elizabeth.
• This is to fulfill the biblical promise that the savior would be from the house and line of David.
• This was probably the first stage in a two stage Jewish marriage process.
Verse 29 There are two verbs used here to describe Mary’s response.
• The first verb is more curiosity or being perplexed. The NIV has “troubled”
• The second verb can either be “to discuss or argue” or “wonder and pondering. “
o But this second verb, “kept pondering” is in the middle voice.
o So, she is pondering it, but in a way where she is agreeing with the outcomes. Less doubt
Verse 30 Once again, the angel tells his recipient not to fear, just as with Zechariah.
Verse 31 The angel tells Mary that she will bear a child, a son, very similar to what we saw with Zech.
• This announcement echoes the prophecy of Isa 7:14.
Mary is to name the child Yeshua which means “Yahweh saves.”
Verse 32
The angel describes the role of this child it is clear that the child will be both God,
o “son of the most high,” and king, “throne of his father David.”
Verse 33 This verse is the prophecy of Isa 9:6-7.
Verse 35 Just like with John the Holy Spirit is to be key in this miracle.
• Luke uses the same verb in Acts 1:8 of the spirit’s coming upon the believers at Pentecost.