April 1, 2018
The Difference Easter Makes

Easter 2018 The Difference Easter Makes
Living in the Spirit (Jer 31:31; John 14:15)
• In the OT era the presence of God was confined largely to a geographic location.
• When the Hebrews wandered in the wilderness for 40 years his presence was confined to the Tabernacle.
• When they finally reached the promised land God’s presence was confined to the Temple in Jerusalem.
• The presence of God was also uniquely present with the Ark of the Covenant.
o The Ark was so Holy with God’s presence that if some accidentally touched it they would die.
Dealing with sin and judgment
• In Exodus 28:30 Aaron as the priest wore a breastpiece called the breastpiece of judgment to bear the judgment of the people. But it was external.
The problem with all of this:
First, they were insufficient
o The presence of God was not available to the average person.
Second, they could easily be counterfeited
o Isaiah 44:12-20
In the OT they also used animals:
• The priests would lay his hands on the head of a goat and ‘transfer’ the sins of the people to the goat.
o Because it was also external it couldn’t really take away guilt and shame.
The promise: 31:31-34
Verse 34 God says He will put the law not just on stone tablets for them to read, but He will write His law in our minds and in our hearts. Notice how it went from being external to being internal.
This promise is fulfilled in Easter:
• The promise is fulfilled in the person of Jesus, in Easter, and in the sending of the Holy Spirit.
• We see this promise fulfilled in the book of John chapters 14 & 16.
• God’s promise to write His law in our hearts is fulfilled in the sending of the Holy Spirit.
o God’s presence won’t just be an external thing limited to a geographic location.
• The presence of God will be in us and with all of us, not just a select few priests.
• And the Spirit will teach us all things and remind us of everything Jesus said.
• John 16:7 God deals with our guilt by sending the Holy Spirit to convict us of our Righteousness.
• The Holy Spirit convicts the world of its sin but convicts the believer of their righteousness.
• Why is this important? When we are convicted our righteousness it takes away our guilt and shame.
• The Holy Spirit will help us see where we have sinned, then Holy Spirit always guides us back to God’s righteousness.
This can’t be counterfeited:
• Unlike things made with human hands, the Holy Spirit can’t be counterfeited.