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Where We’re Going

In 2017 the Lord began asking us what we wanted this church to look like. The leadership of the church wrote out what we felt the Kingdom was supposed to look like in this church. When it was all written down, we were asking the Lord to move in 21 different areas of church life. Then we felt like the Lord said, “now ask Me for it.” Our vision was therefore never a “to-do-list” but a way forward in prayer. The vision was oriented around three key directions of focus. Upward focus, toward God. Outward focus toward the community. Together focus, toward each other.
In Vineyard Church of Crystal Lake Jesus is honored and the word of God proclaimed. Prayer undergirds everything we do. We have simple intimate worship. Many tribes, tongues, and nations are represented. Gifts of the Holy Spirit are in use in a healthy and balanced way where everybody gets to play. We love our community and seek to serve the poor, and those in need.

In a nutshell

A house of prayer for all nations empowering God’s people to advance the kingdom.

House of Prayer for all Nations

Prayer, presence, power
Every, tribe, tongue, people, and nation

Mark 11:17; Rev 5:9

Empowering God’s people

Growing in Spiritual gifts
Heart level serving

Eph 4:12; 1 Cor 12:1-11


* Signs, and wonders following

Advancing the Kingdom of God

Loving and serving our community

Matt 28:18-20; Matt 6:10


We are praying and asking the Lord to make us passionate worshippers. To raise up a next generation of worshippers and worship leaders.


Jesus makes it clear that all His followers are called to make the Gospel know. So we are praying and asking the Lord to give us a heart for the lost and to be effective in reaching the lost.


Part of being a follower of Jesus is to grow and become more Christ like. We are praying that the Lord will grow us more through discipleship.


It has been said that nothing happens without prayer. We have big vision for this church so we must have big prayer. We are praying that the Lord would raise up a mighty army of prayer warriors in this church.


Jesus didn’t say, “if you fast,” He said, “when you fast.” We have people in the church fasting each day of the week and we are asking the Lord to make our fasts effective for kingdom advancement.

Sustained Presence

In Exodus 33 Moses says he wants God’s people to be recognized by the Presence of God on their lives. This is our same prayer, that are identified solely by the Presence of God.

Every Tribe and Tongue and People and Nation

Rev 5:9 says that the Kingdom of God on earth is to be every tribe and tongue. Lord bring the nations to our church for the sake of your Kingdom.

Young Adults (18 - 30)

“Lord raise up this next generation to be a force for your Kingdom not seen on this earth before.”

Youth Group (12 - 18)

“Lord empower the youth to reach the fullness of what you have for them”

Kingdom Kids (1 - 11)

Jesus said, “let the little children come to me” Jesus bring the children from far and wide to receive the fullness of your Kingdom and help us raise them up in the Kingdom.


Everything rises and falls on leadership. Lord raise your servant leaders to lead your people into the fullness of your plan for the church.

Outreach and Serving Our Community in Love

Lord empower us and give us courage to proclaim the Good News of Jesus in our community. May we serve everyone in our community with dignity and honor for the sake of your name.

Heart Level Serving

We are called to be priests serving the Kingdom with our whole heart.


Lord grow us in number and spirit to reach everything you have determined for us.

Structures of Care

Jesus said His disciples would be known by their love. Lord grow us in our love for each other that we may care for each other just as you would.

Preaching Team

Jesus said how can anyone know of the Good News unless someone goes and preaches to them. Lord make the Gospel burn in us until we all go and preach!

Everybody Gets to Play

Ministry is not for a select few or an elite class but for every believer. Lord help us discover the Spiritual gifts you have given us and empower us to minister together.


Lord you own the cattle on a thousand hills, provide the resources we need to accomplish your Kingdom mission.


Lord bless us with people that have the gift of administration so look after the church.

Reaching Spanish Speakers

Lord not everyone in our community speaks the same language. Help us to reach those speak Spanish and the other languages in our community.

Celebrate the Victories

May you get all the glory, honor and praise Lord, may we always give testimony to you.