Vision, goals, and prayer goals 2-5 years


Goals oriented around three key directions of focus

Upward focus, toward God
Outward focus toward the community
Together focus, toward each other
*This is not a “to-do- list”, there is almost nothing on this list that we can do on our own. This is a prayer list.
We invite God into this and see what He starts to breath on.

2 Years

1. Worship (upward)

Spirit led worship that glorifies Jesus and brings heaven to earth.
3 worship teams, 3 leaders, 3 guitar players, 3 keyboard players, 3 percussion players
9 singers who can sing harmonies
Worship through other artistic expressions
The worship team fully reflecting the diversity of the church
Professional level sound person
4 people who can run Media Shout with scheduled rotation
Regular worship night
Attend training events
Host a worship conference

2. Evangelism (outward)

15:1 conversion ratio (one person coming to Christ for every 15 people in the church)
Equal number of baptisms following
Two people with the gift of evangelism to lead the church in this
Church wide evangelism training available (Contagious Disciple Making)
Prayer: Lord prepare us for what this will do to our church.

3. Discipleship (together)

Everyone growing in personal faith; getting the Word in us and looking like Jesus.
Mentoring & coaching relationships
Triads or small groups

4. Prayer (upward)

100% of the congregation participating in prayer with a prayer shield
Every ministry being prayed for
75% of the church regularly attending a prayer meeting
Prayer teams and prayer leaders
Every member being prayed for weekly
Praying in the atmosphere of the kingdom of heaven, revival.
Significant if not complete breakthrough with the spiritual darkness over community
7 intercessors in the church (one for each day of the week)
Prayer, presence and power
Annual church wide prayer retreat; Annual leaders’ prayer retreat
Praying for our community (If they prosper, we prosper Jeremiah 28:7)

5. Fasting (upward)

Regular times of church wide fasting
Varying durations (an entry point for everyone)
Regular testimonies of fasting related break throughs

6. Sustained presence (upward)

Regular and sustained Holy Spirit presence (Not just some Sundays)
Regular signs, wonders, miracles, deliverance, etc
History writes about what God does in this place.

7. Every tribe and tongue and people and nation (Rev 5:9) (together and outward)

Safe and welcoming place for every nation
Make up at least 35% of the church
Prayer: Lord prepare us for what this will do to the church

8. Young adults 18-30 yrs

Make up at least 35% of the church
In Leadership throughout the church
Actively engaged in leadership development

9. Youth group 12-18 yrs

Youth actively growing in their faith and sharing their faith
Youth from outside of our church attending
Attendance growing to 40-45
Active leadership development
Participation throughout church ministries and in the community

10. Kingdom Kids Children’s ministry 1-11 yrs

Classes for all ages
Children actively growing in their faith
Full staff of teachers and helpers
Team leaders for each age group
“Drive-by” Sunday schoolings

11. Leadership

3 Next level elders (Able to preach and teach, pastor)
Raising our Eldership to the next level
All nations/minorities in the church represented in leadership.
All Elders leading a specific ministry or group of people
75% of the church participating in leadership development
Pipeline of people moving toward leadership

12. Outreach and serving our community in love (outward)

Every household in Crystal Lake hears that we are here 3 times
Every person hears the name of Jesus once
Mail, radio, touch…in other words many ways and touches
Cutting edge Online experience
Fight for social justice (Especially those that can’t fight for themselves)
Selfless service to our community, serving in love.
Serving all people, the marginalized and the well to do. (They all need Jesus)
Regular needs based outreach events

13. Heart level serving (outward and together)

Everybody serving somewhere, big or small
Door to serving in 3-6 months
Assimilation path to serving
No spectators
Serving in the church and on the street

14. Attendance

200 weekly attendance
150 members
2 services

15. Structures of care (together and outward)

Small groups and affinity groups
Care leaders
Meal ministry
Card ministry
Church directory
Internal communications: Add church wide texting service
For church announcements and prayer requests

16. Preaching Team

4 members on the preaching team
2 men, 2 women
One being an evangelist

17. Everybody gets to play (together and outward)

Everyone discovering and growing in their spiritual gifts
Safe place to practice and fail
Weekly stories of God’s divine intervention

18. Budget (upward, outward, & together)

Joyful and Faithful tithers
25% for missions
20% for community outreach

19. Administration

Education director (Paid or volunteer)
Part time church administrator (Paid or volunteer)
Part time financial administrator
Part time building administrator
Hospitality leader and team

20. LaVina goals (outward)

New space (This is happening as they move into 6B)
50 people (in Two years)
Regularly praying for them
Help with outreaches, joint outreaches
Include in our advertising

21. Celebrate the victories (upward)

Regular celebrations along the way to give God the glory.
We need more parties celebrating God’s goodness and faithfulness.

5 Year Goals

Daily prayer happening in the church
New building with 250-300 seating capacity
Everyone in county knows we are here
Original worship being produced here
At last one book published out of this church
At least one church planter in the pipeline
3 rd missions partnership
Supporting at least one full time missionary family
New language service (Other than Spanish, Maybe French??)
25-35 people going on missions trips per year
Multi-cultural community outreach center
African Missions store “Out of Africa”

The Vision in a nutshell

  1. House of Prayer for all Nations (Mark 11:17; Rev 5:9)
    a. Prayer, presence, power
    b. Every, tribe, tongue, people, and nation
    c. Worship
  2. Empowering God’s people (Ehp 4:12; 1 Cor 12:1-11)
    a. Growing in Spiritual gifts
    b. Discipleship
    c. Heart level serving
  3. Advancing the Kingdom of God (Matt 28:18-20; Matt 6:10)
    a. Evangelism
    b. Loving and serving our community
    c. Missions

* Signs, and wonders following

This Vision and Mission: A house of prayer for all nations empowering God’s people to advance the kingdom. (Pray, empower, advance)


Who we are, What We Do:

  • Jesus honored and the word of God proclaimed
  • Intimate but simple worship
  • Every tribe, tongue, people and nation
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit in use in a healthy and balanced way
  • Everybody gets to play
  • A house of prayer for all nations
  • Loving our community, serving the poor, meeting needs