November 13, 2022

Gospel of the Kingdom

Gospel of the Kingdom


Gospel of the kingdom (2022)

  • The Pew research group did a study with this headline. “47% of American church goers no longer believe that Jesus is the Only way.”
    • In other words, half of the America church attenders no longer believe in Jesus.
    • According to this study, most believe that just being a good person is enough.
  • 2 Tim 4:2-3 This passage could be a partial explanation of how we got there.

Acts 4:8-12 The context here is that Peter had healed a crippled beggar and now is facing charges from the religious leaders.

  • Look at verses 9 & 10, Peter makes it clear that it was not simply an act of Kindness that healed the man.
  • Verse ten makes it clear that it was Jesus who healed the man.
    • The Phrase no other name of course refers back to Jesus.
  • The word Salvation in English here is the Greek word. Sōtēria
    • From where we get our English term Soteriology.

John 14:6 These are the words of Jesus Himself.

  • The context here is that Jesus has just Predicted his Betrayal and Peter’s denial of Jesus.
  • The word translated there as “Through” is, “A primary preposition denoting the channel of an act;”
    • It’s in the words and it’s in the Grammar, we can only come to the Father through Jesus.
  • We can only get back to God the Father is Through the channel of Jesus.”
    • Again, It’s what the words say and it is what the Grammar says.
  • The way mentioned here is the way back to God.
  • The Truth mentioned here is the Truth about God. The only truth that matters.
  • The Life mentioned here is the abundant life Jesus promised us.
  • In Jesus we get all three of these.

John 3:36 The context here is that a man came to ask John the Baptist a question.

  • In Jesus we get eternal life. Something no one else and no other God can claim.
  • If we reject Jesus, we will not see life. Both eternal life and abundant life on earth.
  • The wrath of God was on us because of our sin. But if we accept Jesus, he removes that wrath off us permanently.

Romans 6:23 From the Beginning of Time, God has been a Holy God.

  • God has always called His creation Humanity to follow Him in that way.
  • But of course, Humanity has always fallen short. We do wrong things.
  • In the Old Testament era, God made a way to temporarily appease our wrong doing by offering the blood of an animal.
  • But now here in Romans 6:23 Paul says that God has given us a gift. And that Gift is eternal life Through the person of Jesus.
    • Jesus has made that blood sacrifice once and for all for all people.


Prayer: I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the one and Only way to salvation, eternal life, deliverance and preservation. I renounce all other small “g” gods I have been following. I renounce all other things I have put in front of Jesus and trusted more than Jesus. Jesus, I repent for following these other gods. Jesus I give you my whole life and give you permission to be my daily leader and example. Jesus, I trust you to be my Savior and bring me salvation and right standing before God the Father and fill me with the Holy Spirit