May 19, 2020

Walking in the Tension of the Kingdom

Walking in the Tension of the Kingdom

A discussion on walking in the tension of the Kingdom. This is the online version of Taco Tue with Tim. Because we can’t meet for tacos at our favorite taco shop, we took our discussion online. So you’re welcome to grab your own tacos and join us for this discussion.

Why the topic of walking in the tension?

Because we live in a time with lots of uncertainty, lots of competing ideas and solutions, where should one land on these issues? This idea of walking in the tension of the Kingdom helps us walk with less stress, anxiety and worry during these times. So it starts as we seek to walk in tension of the Kingdom of God.  Then, we will find that carries over to help us walk in the tensions of our day. And we could all use less stress and worry right now.

Here are some of  the questions we explore in this discussion

What does “walking in the tension” mean? We start by developing a theology for this.

How does this idea of walking in the tension carry over to everyday life?

How does walking in the tension affect the way we worship?

What are some simple things I can do to learn to walk in the tension?

What this doesn’t mean

Walking in the tension doesn’t mean we don’t care about the matter, or lack the confidence to make a decision. It also doesn’t mean there are things that are and can be certain. Rather, it means that in areas where there are equally valid perspectives or certainty laced with the incompleteness we can hold these in tension before the Lord.

Scripture reference can be found here Proverbs 3:5-6

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Join us next week as continue to explore more similar topics.