May 17, 2020

Casting Down Idols and Exposing Blind Spots

Casting Down Idols and Exposing Blind Spots

As I look at how this Corona-virus pandemic has been playing out, I keep asking God what are you doing?

And I believe one of the things that God is doing is exposing the idols and blind spots in the church, at least here in the U.S.

This is a very biblical concept.

When we see times of great calamity in the bible, God uses those times to expose idols and draw people back to Himself. Even today, God still wants to expose idols and blind spots, and draw people back to Himself. At the beginning of 2020 a lot of people were saying this was going to be a year of vision. God was going to be giving us better spiritual vision. And I think that is exactly what God is doing, just not in the way any of us expected.

Clear eyes before new glasses

You see in order to give us better vision, He has to first get rid of the things that cloud our vision. He has to get rid of the cataracts, before He can give us new glasses. And I think that is what God is doing with exposing our blind spots or idols.

Here are some idols and blind spots that I see

These all existed before the pandemic, the pandemic is just exposing them. As I go through this list, pay attention to which ones the Lord seems to highlight for you. It will of course be different for each person. Some of these might even make you angry. Either angry because of the injustice or angry because it’s touching a blind spot.

I present these as question The Church.

I invite each of us to ask these questions of ourselves. But remember, God is inviting us to walk free from these. He is calling to move past our blind spots and to be His hands and feet to the world. He is reminding us that He is a better option than the idols

So take a listen to the message while you listen to God with your heart.