June 9, 2020

I Understand That I Don’t Understand

I Understand That I Don’t Understand

I Understand that I don’t Understand

In this episode I Understand that I don’t Understand we grieve with our black community and discuss with humility how to fight racism. However, we don’t claim to have any answers but we offer this with humility and grace. What we do know is that there continues to be a problem with systematic and systemic racism in our world.

Who are we speaking to?

Honestly we are speaking to ourselves and to any of our white brothers and sisters who would listen. We are not pointing fingers but taking responsibility for what we have failed to do and what we can now do. Then we discuss more tangible ways we can help.

First Steps toward understanding

First, we suggest that we need to openly admit that we just don’t get it, we don’t understand the black experience.

Then, in order to gain better understanding we need to listen better, much better.

And, we need to repent. Repent for remaining silent too long, repent for not standing in solidarity. Repent for losing sight of the kingdom of God.

Then for some action from understanding

First, we can no longer remain silent, we must learn to speak up with love and grace.

Then, we can’t be offended when others say things we don’t agree with or don’t comprehend.

It is critical that we hear the pain. The black community is expressing pain and we must listen and learn from that pain.

A great way to press into this is to develop deep relationships. It is hard to ignore racism when it is happening to your friends.

Finally, stay connected to Jesus. This is as much of a spiritual issue as anything. And Jesus has and is the answer!


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