June 8, 2020

Pentecost and the Color of the kingdom

Pentecost and the Color of the kingdom

Pentecost and the Color of the kingdom

In this message we explore Pentecost and the color of the Kingdom. When the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost it was for all the nations on earth. (This message was recorded outside so there is some extra back ground noise)
Revelations 5:7-10  

Rev 5:8 This is all part of the vision that John is having.

Verse 9 It starts by saying that they sang a new song. It was a song that had never been song before.
• What’s new about this era? The Lamb’s death on the cross has never happened before, nor will it happen again. Jesus’s death on the cross is what is new, and what is worthy of this new song
• But there is more that is new here. It says that “Jesus purchased people for God.”
o The imagery behind ransomed or purchased here is that of slaves being freed.
• But what is equally important to see here is that it is all mankind that is set free.
o In the past only the Jewish nation Israel was included in God’s redemptive work.
• First it says every tribe, tribe is an important distinction in other parts of the world
• Then it says language, there approximately 6909 living languages in the world.
• Then it says people, the word used here could also mean nation.
• Then it ends with nation, this world could also mean race or people
• This is a new song, so we can’t look to the OT for what this looks like.
Verse 10 All of those people just mentioned are to be a kingdom.
• And, that kingdom is the church on earth, now!! Not the future kingdom of heaven
• Because it says that they will be priests. We won’t need persist in heaven!!
o And those priests will be from every tribe, tongue, people and nation.

Acts 2:5-7 This was the birth of the kingdom of God being for every nation.

• God saw fit in His good wisdom to have every nation under heaven in Jerusalem the day the Holy Spirit was sent.

Rev 7:9-10 Now this is a worship scene from heaven.

o Where every nation, tribe, people, and language are worshipping the Lord in one mass gathering.
• If this is what Heaven is like, then shouldn’t we make every effort to get the church to look like that now?


• 1. We must evangelize every people group.
• 2. We must learn and appreciate worshipping together.
• 3. We must learn to appreciate the richness diversity brings to the church.
o All the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and music of another culture all reflect a part of who God is.
• 4. We must fight for it.
o We cannot be passive about this.
 Racism is still rampant throughout the world.
 Walking in the tension.
o Because diversity and unity represent the fullness of the Kingdom, the devil fights against it.