June 13, 2020

Stories from the Mission Field: Counting the Cost

Stories from the Mission Field: Counting the Cost

Stories from the Mission field: Counting the Cost

In this episode Stories from the Mission field Counting the Cost we discuss the expectations and costs for going on the mission field. What expectations should someone have before heading to the mission field. And then of course are the costs to having an experience on the mission field.

Three categories

We break down the costs into three different categories each with their own unique variables. These three different costs have to be considered as a whole not missing the connections between them.

Financial, there will of course be a financial cost to missions. But God pays for what He orders, do you have the faith to wait on the Lord for the money to come through. Then we also discuss is this the best way to use our money, would it be better to just send the money to that country?

Physical/health, there is also a significant “cost” to your physical body and health. There can be a real issue of jet-leg. And of course there is a real risk of getting sick in country, serious things like Yellow Fever. Therefore, there are some additional vaccines that you will need and some are strongly suggested. Despite all of this there are still significant chances of getting sick.

Emotional, You are going to experience things that you have never seen or experienced before and they will shake you, and take an emotional toll on you. The poverty and the culture will have a strong emotional affect on you. Then there will also be the positive emotional toll, you will most likely fall in love with the people you with.  As a result, you will begin to share in their emotions.

It’s not all cost, there is a lot of Joy!

This will most likely be the most joy filled experienced you will ever have!

Reverse Culture Shock

We end our discussion by talking about returning home and how that might affect you coming home.

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