July 29, 2020

Taco Tue with time goes online: Spiritural gifts and healing

Taco Tue with time goes online: Spiritural gifts and healing

In this episode we discus spiritual gifts and in particular healing. Tim talked about when he first started to pray for healing and the shares several stories.

Tim and Alana discuss the following 7 questions.

1. What was your first experience with healing? Was it something you saw someone else experience, or was it something you experienced yourself or closely within your family?


2. Were you skeptical at all? Were there moments you thought maybe this was an isolated incident?


3. When you started pursuing and praying for people to be healed more, what was the craziest healing you’ve ever seen? In the US and Outside of the US?


4. Has there been a small but significant healing you’ve seen?


5. How many times have you prayed for someone who hasn’t been healed?


5. How do you not let that discourage you?


6. What would you say to someone who was interested in seeing God do this through their life?

The story of where Jesus heals the blind man but needs to pray for him twice is found here.  is found Here

Tim’s spiritual gifts class starts on Wed Sept 16th at 7:00pm at the Vineyard Church in Crystal lake. Tim will do an entire lesson o praying for healing.

Here is a old sermon from Tim where he talks about healing althouugh this message was not about Spiritual gifts. https://vineyardcl.net/sermon/servant-and-slave-healing/