July 30, 2020

Being Kingdom People

Being Kingdom People

Being Kingdom People

In this episode Being Kingdom People we explore the idea that the church is to be from every tribe, language, people and nation.

The mandate to be Kingdom People

We start by discussing Revelations 5:9-10 and the mandate that the church on earth is to be every tribe, language, people and nation. And, that this is to be the church now and not in heaven later. Then we also discuss how the church is to look like this, not a homogeneous. Rather each people and race retain their uniqueness but we function together as priests under Christ.


We also discuss how this affects worship, and what are the differences different people groups bring to worship. When we worship in a mono-culture we miss out on some of the richness that other cultures and people groups bring to worship. These differences also reflect the true nature of who God is. Cultural uniqueness’s are a representation of of the fullness of God.

The body of Christ

We then discuss how being a diverse church helps also more accurately and fully reflect the body of Christ. Both in terms of Spiritual gifts also but in expression of worship and practice of faith.

Why the Rejection?

In what is a feeble attempt we offer some thoughts on why diversity in the church is often rejected or not sought after.  The discussion focuses on things like comfort level, lack of understanding and out right racism.

How do we step into being Kingdom People?

Enter into their world. Just like in any human relationship, we enter into the world. The more we do that the better the relationship become. And, the more we do this, the more we will discover the richness of who God is and what the Kingdom of Heaven will look like. But we also get to reap some of those Kingdom benefits now.

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