May 12, 2020

Worship and the effects of COVID-19

Worship and the effects of COVID-19

A discussion on Worship and the effects of COVID-19, the online version of Taco Tue with Tim. Because we can’t meet for tacos at our favorite taco shop we took our discussion online. So you’re welcome to grab your own tacos and join us for this discussion.

Why talk about it from the perspective of the effects of COVID-19

Our initial intention was for this to be a discussion purely on the topic of worship, but we had to approach it from the perspective of worship and the effects of COVID-19 since COVID-19 is affecting every area of our life. However, the basic principles of worship we discuss are relevant to any season in life we might face. We work our way through a series of questions and about worship, how we define worship, what is heart level sacrificial worship, what negatively affects worship, how God might be redirecting our focus, and we end with practical ways to press into worship in light of the effects of COVID-19 and its related circumstances.

Here are some of the questions we explore in this discussion.

What does worship mean? How would you define worship?

What does sacrificial worship mean and what does sacrificial worship look like?

What do you think is drawing our attention away from God and why?

How do you think our attention/focus is affecting us and how is that affecting worship?

People have said that 2020 is a year of vision. Do you think that God is bringing our focus and our vision back on Him, and if so in what ways?

How do we re-center our focus and attention on Christ and worship? What are some practical things we can do.

What’s Next?

Next week we will come back and pick up on a few of the themes we introduce here and go a little deeper into those issues and how they affect worship.

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Scripture related to this podcast can be found in Philippians 2:3-4.