June 2, 2020

Stories from the Mission Field Pt 2

Stories from the Mission Field Pt 2

Stories from the Mission Field Pt 2

In this episode of Stories from the Mission Field Pt 2 Tim turns the tables on Alana and asks her to share about her time on the mission Field in Northern Ireland. We did this to show the differences in how people will experience missions. We will all receive different calls from God in regards to missions and we will have different experiences if we do go overseas.

Not Everyone’s call or experience is the same

Tim feels strongly called to missions in Africa and in particular Senegal and Mozambique. He makes regular trips there usually lasting for three weeks at a time. Whereas, Alana felt lead to go to Northern Ireland one time but for ten months. Alana shares about what that process of discerning if she should go looked like. And then also talks about the preparation process. Again, all of this to highlight how different the missions experience can be for different people. So, don’t look at one person’s missions call or experience and think you can’t do that.

There are many different ways

We end the episode by talking about the many different ways people can engage in missions without actually going overseas.  Missions is of course both across the street to our neighbors and around the world to people who have not heard about Jesus. Missions involvement can also be in support of those who do go overseas. Your call to mission might be as an intercessor praying for missionaries and missions trips.

Where is God Calling you? Get Your own Stories from the Mission Field

Consider taking a short term missions trip to see if God speaks to you through that experience. But be open to God doing something else or taking you in a different direction.

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