May 26, 2020

Stories from the Mission Field

Stories from the Mission Field

Stories from the mission field.

In this episode Alana ask Tim to share some stories from the mission field. Tim has traveled to Africa to do mission work now many times over the past several years. Over the course of those trips Tim has accumulated many stories.  Some he can share and some he can’t. The bulk of Tim’s mission work has been in Senegal and Mozambique, but there is one story in here from Malawi.

Our Commission, why we have stories from the mission field

In Matt 28:19 Jesus gave His disciples the command to go and make disciples of every nation. As believers today we still live under obligation to that same command.  And, what Joy it is to go make friends around the world.  Join us in this journey.

In the beginning

Time shares how he and the church first got involved in missions. Tim also shares how God first called him into mission and then confirmed that call many times and supernaturally provided for the missions work.  Without a clear call from God it’s hard to sustain any ministry work, especially in a culture and context far from your own.

It can get kind of crazy

On the mission field life can get kind of crazy. Some of Tim’s craziest stories involve getting sick and bodily functions, so we will spare you the details of those stories. But Tim does share some crazy stories of being stranded in the mouth of the Indian ocean for hours, a crazy travel story in  Malawi. Tim also shares his favorite healing stories from both Senegal and Mozambique.

How to get started

At the end Tim shares some practical ways for anyone to begin to discern where or how they might be called to missions.


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