July 16, 2023

Be Not unaware of his Schemes

Be Not unaware of his Schemes


Be Not Unaware of his Schemes

  • In 2 Cor 2-11 Paul makes this statement, “in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes.”
  • This is our starting point

Daniel 10:1-15 Notice it says that from the first day that Daniel began to pray and seek the Lord his words and prayers were heard.  

I think we can see a promise in this, God hears our prayers right away.

  • Sometimes God may send angels in response to our prayers.

Verse 13 On his way to reach Daniel the angel is detained.

  • What is this prince of the Persia? It’s a territorial demonic spirit.
  • Several times Jesus refers to satan as the prince of this world.
    • Jesus even says that the prince of this world has a form of power and authority.
  • This prince here is a territorial spirit sent by satan to rule over this part of the world- Persia
  • The demonic prince of the area doesn’t want this message delivered. After all it was a message of judgment.
  • So, is it within the realm of possibility that demonic spirits could be standing in the way of our prayers?
    • There are many other reasons our prayers may be delayed or seemingly not answered.
  • But we have to keep this in mind as a possibility.
  • Especially as it relates to the bigger more kingdom type things.

How can the enemy attempt to destroy relationships?

2 Cor 2:5

  • Paul urges the Corinthian church to forgive the man and to reaffirm their love for him.
  • Then Paul makes a direct connection to un-forgiveness or failing to forgive to the schemes of the devil.
    • Satan is trying to outwit them, as part of his schemes, through a lack of forgiveness.

How do we respond?

  • Be quick to forgive. Pray for the other person. Let love win every time.

How can the enemy attack us through emotions?  

Ephesians 4:26-27 The Greek says, be angry and yet not sin.

  • The Greek makes it clearer that you can be angry, but just not sin in that anger.
  • But then in verse 27 Paul makes it clear that letting the sun go down on the anger gives the devil a foot hold into your life. The word in the Greek is opportunity.
  • So of course, the devil will do everything he can to get you angry and keep you angry.
  • What do we do?
    • When you find yourself angry, give it to Jesus as quick as possible.
    • Recognize this as an attack from the enemy.
    • Fight back with Jesus.