April 23, 2023

Living under the Favor of God

Living under the Favor of God

Living Under God’s Favor

Why is this important? To live under the favor of God.

  1. When we live under the favor of God, God protects and breathes life into our finances.
  2. When we live under God’s favor, he protects our health.
  3. When we live under the favor of God, He protects our possessions.
    • Duet 29:5; Psalm 5:12
  4. When we live under the favor of God, He will protect or relationships

How do we live under the favor of God?

  1. Generosity: If you want the favor of God, we must be generous.
    1. Proverbs 11:24-26
    2. God is a generous God and He expects us to live the same way.
    3. Don’t think of this as give in order to get. No that’s not it at all.
    4. This is live generously because my God is generous and I want to live under His favor.
  2. Obedience the favor of the lord is rooted in obedience.
    1. Deut 6:24
    2. Proverbs 16:20
    3. Luke 11:28
  3. Trust: Favor is very much rooted in complete trust of the Lord.
    1. Matt 6:26
    2. James 1:17
    3. Romans 13:1-3
    4. Scripture also tells us that God is a jealous God.
    5. If you trust something else, He will leave you to what you trusted.
    6. If you trust in something other than the Favor of God, God will turn you over to what you trusted.
  4. Bless others

Jeremiah 29:7

Proverbs 11:11

  1. Thankful heart
    1. Deut 29:5 The context here is that God was pointing out how he had taken care of them during the wilderness years and they didn’t realize it.
    2. Noticing the little things that God does and having a thankful heart will bring more favor.
  2. Listen to and obey the Holy Spirit.
    1. James 1:5
  3. Tithe It is not possible to live under the favor of God if you’re not tithing.

Malachi 3:6-1