October 15, 2023

Prayer: Don’t Pray Safe Pray Big

Prayer: Don’t Pray Safe Pray Big

Prayer: Don’t Pray Safe, Pray Big

John 14:12-14; John 15:7-8 John 15:16 16; John 16:23-24

John14:12 12 The context here is Jesus has been telling Phillip that He and the Father are one.

  • Then Jesus goes on to basically say that we will be one in Him and the Father through faith.
  • Jesus makes an incredible statement, that if we have faith in Him, then we will do what He has been doing.
    • What are the things that Jesus has been doing?
    • Make a list of what Jesus was doing.
    • He says we will be able to do the same things, through faith in Him and prayer.
  • Then as verse 12 continues Jesus goes on to say that we will do even greater things.
  • Jesus says that this is because He is going to the Father.
    • Of course, going to the Father is a reference to His coming death and resurrection.
    • In the context that follows starting in verse 15 Jesus says that when He goes to the Father He will send the Holy Spirit. Being able to do the same and greater things is empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Verse 13  The asking here is of course prayer and praying in Jesus name, asking through Jesus.

  • Then we see the reason for us being able to do greater things?
    • So that the Son, Jesus, might bring glory to the Father.

Verse 14 The, “ask me anything” here has to be within the context of all of Jesus’s teachings.

  • This isn’t ask me anything the world wants; asking according to your selfish desires. James 4:3.
  • This is asking according to the Kingdom principles Jesus has been teaching.
  1. Pray Big and bold. Praying big bold prayers assumes a few things.
    • That God is good, that bold prayers honor God, that God is for you, that God will answer big prayers.
  2. Pray the Kingdom “Lord let your kingdom come, let your will be done.”
    • Jesus is looking to give the Father glory, but that comes through His Kingdom.
      • Make a list of the things that Jesus did.
        • Pray and ask that you and we the church get to do those things.
      • Make a list of things that might be greater but in line with what Jesus did.
        • Pray and ask that you and we the church would get to do those things.
      • Pray Kingdom, not safety. There is a difference between praying for protection and praying safe.
  1. Pray specifically Pray specifically enough that we can know for sure God answered the prayer.
    • Luke 18:35 Notice how bold he was? Then the man asks very specifically and boldly. “I want to see.”
  2. Pray with faith I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing.
  3. Pray through to praise Praying through is praying until the end. Praising is the amen of prayer.
  4. Pray in relationship Within the context of these passages on asking boldly Jesus teaches the passage of the vine. John 15:7-8
    • This is quite honestly how we ensure we get our prayers answered.