May 21, 2023

The War for our mind

The War for our mind

The War in our Mind. (2 Cor 10:1-5)

Verses 1-2 In this section Paul is dealing with some people in the Corinthian church who were questioning his authority and his methods.

Verse 3 Paul realizes that this is spiritual warfare. This is a spiritual issue, not a worldly one.

  • They don’t have just cause for their complaints.
  • Because it is spiritual warfare, Paul realizes that he can’t respond to them with worldly means.
  • Paul was not offended by their accusations and criticisms, He recognized it, for what it was.
    • A demonic attack.
  • What often seems like a real-world problem, is demonic attack rooted in a strong hold.

Verse 4 Paul begins to deal with it not as a physical issue but a spiritual issue.

  • We can’t fight spiritual issues with the physical weapons of the world.
    • Spiritual problems require spiritual weapons.
  • Paul says the spiritual weapons he is going to fight with have divine power to demolish strongholds.
    • The implication is that Paul sees their criticism of him being rooted in a demonic stronghold.
  • (EHV) tearing down strongholds. Or tearing down Thoughts.
    • Emphasizing that these strongholds are rooted in thoughts.
    • The idea here is that the false thoughts have been lifted up, made high.
    • Therefore, the need to tear down or bring them down.
    • The implication is these thoughts are taking the place of Jesus.
      • The only one who has been truly lifted up.
    • In fact, one of the definitions for this verb is, “to take down as from a cross.”

Verse 5 Two key principles here, take captive and make obedient.

  • First, take captive. The word captive here means to make a prisoner, or to take captive.
    • Taking that thought in your head, and making it your prisoner rather than the other way around.
  • How do we take that thought captive?
  • We start by grabbing a hold of that thought and not letting it roll around in our head.
  • Then determine its
    • Is it simply from the enemy to discourage me or take me out? External
    • Or have my own thoughts, learning and understanding, been lifted up in place of Christ.
    • Is it from my past, is this from a wound? Something spoken over me.
  • Then, after we take it captive, we are to make it obedient to Christ.
    • That thought must come into alignment with what Jesus says.
    • If a thought I have does not line up with the knowledge of God, it must become obedient to Christ and leave my mind. Speak to it!