October 16, 2022

House of Prayer

House of Prayer

House of Prayer (Mark 11:11-17)

Mark 11:11 This scene comes during the Palm Sunday entry into Jerusalem.

  • After Jesus comes riding into the city with everyone cheering and singing praises.

Verses:12-14 He curses the fig tree and a few verses later we see that the tree has died.

  • First, There is a metaphor between the fig tree not having any fruit and what Jesus saw in the Temple the day before.
  • Second, Jesus is teaching the disciples a lesson about faith filled prayer.

Verses 15-16 Jesus now enters the Temple again. But this time He has a plan,

  • He begins driving out the merchants.
  • What is the problem with the merchants?
    • Briefly: They were preventing people from worshipping.
    • They were charging exorbitant prices for sacrificial animals.
    • The Temple had become more about the business than worship and prayer.

Verse 17 Then He says that, “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

  • The house of prayer for all nations is a quote from Isa 56:7
    • This passage in Isa has a heading and a topic of “Salvation for Others.”
      • First, that the Lord’s house will be a house of Prayer.
      • Second, The Lord is making a way for other nations to come to Him.
    • Back in Mark And the den of robbers is a quote from Jer 7:11
      • The prophet Jeremiah was warning against what he called false religion.
    • When God says house of prayer, he means the essence of the Lord’s house is to be prayer.
      • And the subsequent fruit. Prayer always bears fruit.

Then the next part of the quote is “For all nations”

  • Because God is a God of all nations, His house is to be a house for all nations.
    • The church is to be a church for all nations.

Verse 17 continues “But you have made it a den of robbers”

  • Jesus’ teaching or admonition then turns to that quote from Jer.7:11
  • The topic or heading in that passage in Jer is “False Religion is Worthless”
  • The people in the Temple of Jesus’ day had made it about religious practice.
    • But it certainly wasn’t about prayer and true worship.
  • It could be really easy today for any church or leader to fall into that same trap.

Mark 11:20-24 Jesus makes this comment about faith in prayer with the back drop of a dead fig tree and mountains moving.