March 13, 2022

Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines


Behind Enemy Lines 

Mark 1:21-24  A man with a demon is the only one to recognize Jesus for who He is.

  • The people also didn’t seem to mind or care that a demon was in the synagogue.
  • The demon spoke up to cause a distraction and take attention away from Jesus.

John 10:10 This passage makes it clear then the enemy is out to harm us.

  • We need some idea of how the thief goes about this, so we know how to fight back.

Peter 5:8 This passage also makes it clear that the enemy is out to harm us.

Eph 2:1 The Greek word translated here as “air” means lower atmosphere. So, the devil controls the atmosphere we live in. Bu we can control this atmosphere.

Eph 6:12 Paul reminds us that the struggle we face is in the Spirit realm, so we need to be fighting the right enemy.

Luke 10:17-20   Demons submit. But salvation more important.

DANIEL 10:10   This demon has been assigned a geographic area.

Job 1:-12 God is in control

Mark 5:113 biblical example of how bad it can get.

The commission: Jesus not only gave us authority he gave us a commission:

  • Matt 10:7-8 This is still our commission today. Drive out Demons
  • Luke 10:17-19 authority and assurance nothing will harm us.
  • 1 John 3:8 Jesus has commissioned us to continue His work. We, also are to destroy the work of the devil.

Definitions and Clarifications

  • With Possession, the demon is in total control, the person has very little if any control of their behavior.
    • The story earlier from Mark 5 and the man from the is a good example
  • With Oppression, the person is tormented and afflicted.
    • The person has for the most part control of their behavior and thought life.
    • But they are tormented in some way, typically in thoughts, dreams, addictions, anxiety, frequent or chronic sickness, sometimes loss of Body control.
  • With Demonization.
    • This is a low-grade torment and affliction. Mostly normal life.
    • This mostly happens in the mind. Tormented mind.

Do I need to be Afraid?  NO! Everything demons do is for intimidation.

2 Tim 1:7 Which means fear comes from the enemy and is a spirit. You have power, love and authority.

Remember Luke 10:17

1 John 4:4 Remember, the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead is living in you.

How does one become demonized? Four common ways

  • You don’t catch a demon like you catch a cold. (There has to be an entry point or agreement.)
  1. Own personal sin. Sinned against 3. Occult, witchcraft, idolatry, 4. Generational