June 5, 2022

Clothed with Power Pentecost Sunday 2022

Clothed with Power Pentecost Sunday 2022


Clothed with Power (Pentecost Sunday 2022)

Luke 24:45 Despite having Hebrew backgrounds and having studied the OT scriptures, they didn’t fully understand the relevant OT scriptures.  But Jesus opens their minds to understand those scriptures.

  • This is a foreshadowing of the role of the Holy Spirit.

Verse 47 Jesus alludes to what we call the Great Commission here.

  • The basics of the Gospel message, repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached.
  • This message will also go to all the nations of the world.
    • This is also a foreshadowing of what the Holy Spirit will do.

Verse 49 Then to emphasize the importance of the HS / Jesus tells His disciple stay in the city until you receive the Holy Spirit.

  • He starts out by saying “stay here” stay in the city.
    • In Greek, it’s actually the verb “to sit. Jesus is telling them to sit still.
    • The verb is also in the active form.
      • Which means the subject of the verb does the action.
      • The disciples were the subjects, so they were to take the action of sitting still.
    • The Greek verb here really is “to be clothed.”
      • There is an interesting sense to this Greek word, “the sense of sinking into a garment.”
        • So this imagery is more than just being filled.
        • We wear the Holy Spirit, it becomes our identity. We sink into it.
      • This verb is in the passive form.
      • Which means the actions happens to the subject with no willingness on the part of the subject.
        • This is all about the Holy Spirit, he does the clothing.
        • We do the waiting, He clothes us,
      • Then after we are clothed, power also comes. The word in Greek is dunamis
        • The word itself is a bit of supernatural word, meaning more than just simple power, but miraculous power.

Now let’s look at the Promised fulfilled

Acts 2:1-4 Jesus promised the Holy Spirit but/ they didn’t know what it was going to look like.

  • They probably didn’t expect this.
  • Thankfully the disciples overcame their fear/ and they received it.
    • This stuff is all happening in the spirit realm.
  • Then it says that the fire came to rest on each of them.
    • The verb “to rest” here is the same verb “to sit” that we saw back in Luke 24:49
  • Historical context: Pentecost was already a Jewish Holiday or celebration.

Verse Acts 2:4 Then they are all filled. Notice it says All of them were fil

 Acts 2:5-13 5 Jesus had prophesied that the Gospel would go to all nations.

  • I love how on the day that God decided to pour out the Holy Spirit, it just so happened that people from every nation were already in Jerusalem. Because it was the feast of weeks.

Verse 11 says that each person hears the Gospel in their own tongue or language.

  • This is all about the Gospel going to all the nations.

We see two responses to the Holy Spirit in this passage

Verse 12 Amazed and perplexed, they asked one another, “What does this mean?” 

  • Responding with amazement and yet some perplexity is completely appropriate.

Verse 13 Some, however, made fun of them and said, “They have had too much wine.”

  • Some reject and mock what is happening

Acts 2:38 Peters says that repentance and baptism are precursors to being filled with the Holy Spirit.

  • Holy Spirit filling is for the believer.