January 16, 2022

Only Jesus

Only Jesus


Only Jesus

Acts 4:8-12 The context here is that Peter had healed a crippled beggar and now is facing charges from the religious leaders.

  • Look at verses 9 & 10, Peter makes it clear that it was not simply an act of Kindness that healed the man.
  • Verse ten makes it clear that it was____________ who healed the man.

Verse 12 this verse is pretty clear. The Phrase no other name of course refers back to___________.

  • There is no other way to salvation but ____________.
    • Salvation: being brough back into right relationship with God the Father.

John 14:6 These are the words of Jesus Himself.

  • The context here is that Jesus has just Predicted his Betrayal. And Jesus has just predicted Peter’s denial of Jesus. Both of these predictions came true by the way, so we know Jesus can prophecy accurately.
  • Jesus speaks these words from verse 6 to comfort the disciples.
  • The end of this verse says “No one comes to the Father except through me.”
  • The word translated there as “Through” is, “A primary preposition denoting the channel of an act; through.”
    • It’s in the words and it’s in the Grammar, we can only come to the Father through___________.

John 3:36 The context here is that a man came to ask John the Baptist a question.

  • John the Baptist says these words about ________ in response to the man’s questions about Jesus.

Romans 6:23  This is spoken by the Great Apostle Paul Who wrote much of the New Testament.

  • Here in Romans 6:23 Paul says that God has given us a gift. And that Gift is eternal life Through the person of _________. Jesus has made that blood sacrifice once and for all for all people.
  • By implication this also shows_________is the only way, because no other person has ever made such a blood sacrifice.
  • There are many, many more passages that talk about Jesus being the only way.
    • But there are none that might suggest simply being a good person is enough.
  • So now let’s ask some questions about our current times.
  • How did we get to this point where half of the church attenders don’t believe in Jesus?
  1. The church became enamored with entertainment.
  2. The church lost sound Theological preaching.
  3. The church lost discipleship
  4. The general population no longer believes in sin.
  5. Social justice became god like.