June 25, 2023

The Heart of worship (more than a song)

The Heart of worship (more than a song)

The Heart of Worship (more than song)

  • In Matt 14 after Jesus clams the storm, it says “they worshipped Him.”
  • The word ‘worshipped’ here means: to fall down, to kneel, to bow down, fall at the feet of another, to prostrate oneself. It can even mean to kiss the hand of.
    • The essence of the word refers to a physical posture or action born out of reverence or affection.

Matt 28:9 It’s the same word as last verse, to bow down, to fall down etc.

Matt 28:17 It’s the same word, to bow down.

Luke 24:52 It’s the same word to bow down.

John 9:38 It’s the same word, to bow down

  • Often in scripture when it says worship, it means some kind of physical action or response to God.
    • Not singing. Singing is a super important part of worship, but so is physical posture.

2 Samuel 6:14 David is dancing before the Lord with all his might, in his underwear.

  • This was a pure expression of David’s joy over the ark the of God returning to Jerusalem.
    • He is the same God, and His worthiness to worship is the same, regardless of culture.

2 Samuel 6:16 Michal is one of David’s wives, born of noble birth.

  • She begins to despise her husband, because of how he worshiped with physical expression.

2 Samuel 6:20 David returns home to bless his household.

  • When you come out of passionate times of worship, you have a deposit to give, a blessing to give.
    • But his wife comes out and begins to nag him, calling him a commoner, any vulgar fellow.
      • Do you see how social status suddenly became an issue?
    • Verse 22Because of his joy before the Lord, he will become even more undignified than this.
    • He doesn’t deny that it was undignified. But he also didn’t back down or apologize for it.
    • In the verse before he says “It was before the Lord”
      • David became undignified before an audience of one. He didn’t do it for the crowds, or his wife.
    • Then David says “and I will be humiliated in my own eyes.”
      • He doesn’t deny that he was humiliated, and he will be to an even greater degree.
      • This is the heart of worship.

Verse 23 The scene started by saying that David came to bless his family.

  • But it ends by saying that Michal, his wife, had no blessing, because she despised her husbands’ worship.

Nehemiah 8:6 After hearing the word of the Lord, they fall into worship.

  • First, they lifted their hands.
  • Then they bowed down with their face to the ground.

Psalm 141:2 Every day, in the morning and evening, a lamb would be sacrificed at the Temple.

  • David asks that the lifting up of his hands be acceptable before the Lord just like the evening sacrifice.
    • Raising our hands can become a sacrifice of praise. That’s powerful!