February 6, 2022

The New Way of Love

The New Way of Love


The new way of Love

Turn to John 13:34

  • This is a command straight from the mouth of ___________.
  • What is this new commandment?
    • _____________________
    • So agape love is where I love you because I see the ___________ God has put in you.
      • The world can’t separate love from the _____________.
    • As Christians we must recapture ________________ rooted in God given value.
  • So, what does this look like to love others?
    • We are to love, __________________
    • Our love must look just like the love of ______________.

Verse 35 Not only are we to love others well for the sake of the other.

  • We are to love others well so that the World can see Jesus in us.
  • If I love others well, then My identity becomes that of a____________.
  • Loving well leads to better understanding of personal _______________.
  • There are a lot of things Jesus could have told us to be known for, but he chose________.
  • God is a god of love, and we are made in His image. So, it is love that will transform us back into his image and_________.
  • What are some things we would need to know about loving others well?
  • First, we must be led by Jesus in this.
  • Second, this will be hard.
  • Third, this might be messy

God has put ________ in each person. And their sin or mistakes don’t take away that value. So, we can _________ people simply for the value God has put in them.