February 13, 2022

Process Disciple

Process Disciple


Process Disciple  

Matt 28: 19 Jesus has risen from the dead and is giving his disciples their final instructions.

  • Whenever you see a “Therefore” in scripture you must ask what it is there for?
  • In this case it is tying back to the last verse (18).

Matt 28:18 There is a close connection between these two verses.

  • We can only make disciples because we have been given the authority.
  • Conversely, we won’t have the authority, if we are not making____________.
  • The authority and the command to make disciples are inseparably tied together.
  • Now the next word or concept is “go.”
  • But in the Greek, the grammar is different. The word disciple is used like a verb.
  • In the Greek, this makes the going a forgone conclusion.
  • Then the next word or concept is “make.”
  • This concept in the Greek is a forgone conclusion, tied up in the verb form of disciple.
  • Now perhaps we need to better define what a disciple is.
  • The Webster dictionary defines it as:” a convinced adherent of a school or individual.”
    • For most of us a lifelong__________.
  • What else can we learn about being a disciple?
  • There are two concepts we need to keep in mind here.
    • First, Am I personally becoming a disciple of Jesus?
    • Second, Am I discipling someone else?

John 8:31 A disciple must hold to the teachings of Jesus.

Matt 12:49 Disciples become family to each other.

Luke 14:27 There is a great cost and sacrifice to being a disciple.

Matt 10:42 A disciple has great favor with the Lord.

John 13: 35 A disciple must be known by their love toward God and others.

Mark 6:1  A disciple must follow Jesus where Jesus goes.

Luke 9:1 A disciple has authority and power over the demonic world.

Luke 12:22 A disciple is not worried about earthly matters.

Discipleship is also very relational, Jesus did all of this in the context of relationship. But Jesus was very intentional about the teaching side of this. This was not just hanging out in relationship for coffee.

Find what obstacles are getting in the way of you becoming a disciple and make a plan to overcome them.