July 18, 2022

The Tale of two Kingdoms

The Tale of two Kingdoms

Click here for a link to the message.  In this message pastor Tim looks at John 10:10 where Jesus contrasts the activities of the devil with the Kingdom of God. This is really a message on Spiritual warfare, how to recognize it and how to stop it.


The tale of two kingdoms (John 10:10)

John 10:10 NASB   The word thief here in the original language in the word Kleptes.

  • The word Klepte is where we would get our English word Kleptomaniac.
  • Now of course Jesus is referring to the devil or satan here with this term thief.
    • The definition of Kleptomania sounds like the devil.
  • The devil has no need for the things, He takes them because he hates you your image of God.
  • Continuing in the verse…
  • the first activity that Jesus mentions of the devil is stealing. The thief comes only to steal and kill…
  • And Jesus uses that same word, kelptes.
    • In the original language there is a play on words here with homonyms
  • we also have to think about more than just physical stuff, his thievery happens in the spiritual realm.
  • Continuing in the verse… The next activity of the thief that Jesus mentions is to kill.
  • It’s the Greek word: thuō
    • The meaning of this word is: “to kill, to butcher; to offer sacrifice.”
    • This again is primarily in the spirit realm.
  • Then the next activity of the devil that Jesus mentions is to destroy, It’s the Greek word apollymi
  • Jesus includes this word to cover all the bases, in case anything wasn’t already covered by stealing and killing.
  • Then there is a huge transition in what Jesus is saying here.
    • He now begins to explain the second kingdom, the Kingdom of God.
  • Jesus came to give life, in the Greek it’s the word Zoe which is the basic word for life.
    • Life is the opposite of the killing the devil offers.
  • And Jesus didn’t come to be stingy with life. He came to give it abundantly,
  • The word means: exceeding, going beyond; full, abundant; more than; excessive, in full abundance, exceedingly,
  • These are the words that are to describe life in Christ. Life in Christ is to be an abundant life.
  • Pass two: Now that we understand some of the terms etc, let’s take a look at how we walk this out.
  • Use the first part of this verse as a thermometer.
  • That’s why Jesus gave us this description of the devil’s work. To use as a thermometer or litmus test.
    • Is there too much stealing killing and destroying going on in your life?
  • We took our spiritual temperature and we see too much stealing, killing, and destroying.
  • First, repent. Unrepented sin is always an entry point for the work of the devil.
  • Second, this is all about Jesus. We can’t get free without Jesus.
    • There is only one way into the safety and wellbeing and it is through Jesus Christ.
  • Third, Give thanksgiving and Praise
    • The devil can’t exist in the same space as Thanksgiving and Praise.
  • Fourth, Be careful with what you agree with.
    • In moments of trauma and frustration we can give in to subtle agreements to the lies of the devil.
    • And even that subtle quite agreement in our heart, gives the devil permission to steal and kill.
  • The verse ends by saying that gives life abundantly.
    • We can’t gloss over this. God is not a stingy God. He loves to give and do so in abundance.
  • The devil in the work of stealing, killing, and destroying will plant seeds of scarcity.
    • The devil wants us to think that God can’t and won’t supply abundantly.
    • The devil wants us to think through the lens of a poverty mindset.
      • A poverty mind set focuses on what you don’t have.
      • A poverty mind set hordes what you do have.
    • But the abundant life in Christ focuses on what God has done and can do.
    • The abundant life in Christ focusses on giving rather than hording.