July 10, 2022

The Mercy of Justice

The Mercy of Justice

In this message pastor Tim looks at Micah 6:8 where God explains all that is required of us. Tim then shows us that Jesus perfectly walks out Micah 6:8 in John 8:2-6. John 8:2-6 also shows us how we can walk out Micah 6:8 in our day. we had technical difficulties with the audio recording of this message. So Here is a link to the video of the message.

The Mercy of Justice 2022  (Micah 6:8 and John 8)

Micah 6:8 The Israelites always tried to make it more difficult and complicated than it needed to.

  • Starting here in verse 8 God is boiling down to what is required in real simple terms for the people.
  • This word from the Lord through Micah is as much for our day as it was for theirs.
  • Now the next phrase, “To act justly and to love mercy”
    • The sense is of us acting in ways of justice. “doing justice”
  • Now often in our day, we tend to think of justice in terms of judicial: courts, judges, lawyers…. the courts system.
    • But this is not necessarily justice.
  • “We don’t live in a system of justice in the USA.”
    • We live in a system of rule of law. And there is a big difference.
  • In a system of rule of law the laws are not always just.
    • Because the laws were created by politicians, who were just trying to be politically expedient.
    • And our system is also not always just because the law is often applied unfairly.
  • I think it might help to look at the next word used in this phrase…”and to love mercy”
    • we don’t’ seek to act justly in isolation. We do it while loving mercy. See Hosea 6:6
    • So, for us, our justice, needs to be informed by mercy, not laws or rules.
  • But honestly, we probably can’t do that until We first love the Mercy of Jesus.
  • Biblical example: John 8: 2 Notice what the teachers of the law and Pharisees say about the woman.
    • They are taking a rule of law approach.
    • They made her stand before the group; they are also taking a shame-based approach.
    • This is a perfect picture of how we do things in our world today.
    • We use a rule of law and introduce shame if we can.
  • In this scene here in John 8 Jesus doesn’t fall for their trap but responds with mercy and restoration.
    • Jesus does not demand that the law of Moses be enforced.
  • So, in our day, how do we act justly and love mercy?
    • First, I think a good place to start is by falling in Love with Jesus’ mercy.
    • Second, put away shame. Stop the shame.
    • Third, Fight racism and discrimination every way you can.
    • Fourth, serve others who could never repay you or thank you enough. Single moms, widows, orphans.
      • See Isaiah 1:17
    • Now let’s look at the last phrase in Micah 6:8:and to walk humbly with your God.”
    • This call to walk humbly before the Lord comes from the complaints that the Lord had against them.
      • They showed the Lord no respect or holy fear.
    • This command to walk humbly could be thought of as, fear the Lord and be Holy before Him.
    • So how do we walk out this command to walk humbly before the Lord.
      • First, keep quite more Proverbs 17
      • Second, Speak kindness and mercy toward others. Assume the best of others. Phil 2:3
      • Third, Every day acts: Luke 14:12-14; Matt 8:5-10; Ephesians 4:1-4.