October 2, 2022

To the Nations and the Neighbors

To the Nations and the Neighbors

To the Nations and the Neighbors (2022)

  • Matt 28:18; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:46
  • These passages are generally referred to as the Great Commission.
    • Jesus’ clear and emphatic call to His Disciples to take the mission of God to the nations and to our neighbors. Around the world and across the street.
  • Acts 2:5 God saw fit to have every nation under heaven in Jerusalem on the day the Holy Spirit was sent.
  • This was confirmation that the Gospel and mission was to go to every nation.
    • All these people, from all these nations, would now leave Jerusalem and carry the message back home to their nations and their neighbors.
  • Rev 5:9 It says that they sang a new song.
  • This means it was a song that had never been song before.
  • It is a new song Because Jesus taking the scroll to open it represents a new era in God’s redemptive history.
  • But what’s new about this era?
  • The Lamb’s death on the cross has never happened before, nor will it happen again.
    • Jesus’s death on the cross is what is new, and what is worthy of this worship.
  • But there is more that is new here.
  • The imagery behind ransomed or purchased is that of slaves being freed.
    • Jesus paid the price to set all slaves free once and for all.
  • First it says every
    • This now includes people of every tribe throughout the world.
  • Then it says
    • There approximately 6909 living languages in the world. (Not to mention dead languages)
      • And all of them will be in heaven.
    • Then it says people
      • The word could also mean nation.
    • Then it ends with nation
      • This world could also mean race or peoples
    • The redundancies in the song are really driving home the point the Kingdom is for all people groups.

Verse 10 All of those people just mentioned are to be a kingdom.

  • A kingdom united under one king, …King Jesus.
    • The people Jesus has purchased with His blood are to be united into one Kingdom.
    • Still with all of their racial and cultural uniqueness, but one in a kingdom.
  • And, that kingdom is the church on earth, now!!